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Nautel Memorable Radio
Hawaii Public Radio Covers Islands

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Nautel V10 is the Perfect Solution for Oahu Mountain-Top Facility

Since working in broadcasting from the mid-1960's, I’ve installed many transmitters across the US mainland. Nautel has always been a favorite, based on my experience with previous Nautel installations that were flawless and a real solution to past transmitter failures.

When the opportunity came in 2008 to build a new facility in my own backyard for Hawaii Public Radio, I really advocated for a Nautel V10. The power range was perfect for our application, and the price was competitive. At the new mountain-top facility on Oahu, we only had single phase power to choose from. When looking at price points for other options, it was clear that a solid state solution from Nautel was the best way to get around the power limitations at the new site.

I was pleasantly surprised that everything went smoothly. Purchase, delivery, setup and on-air went without any complications, despite our distance from the Nautel offices (7 time zones!). Jeff Welton and crew were right there if I needed any help, but the Nautel V10 transmitter is so well laid out and the instructions so clear that I was able to wire it up and test it in less than a day. I did call to let Nautel know that it was working perfectly, and was happy to get a direct answer even slightly after closing time.

The Nautel V10 transmitter in Oahu which was wired up and tested in less than a day!

The V10 transmitter has been on the air 24/7 since the end of September 2008. We obtained authorization to increase power in 2009, and the Nautel transmitter handled the modest increase without any trouble at all. I have had to replace the air filters once so far, but that is about the hardest thing I have had to do with the V10.

We will be adding a second 10KW transmitter to this site in the very near future, and I can’t imagine purchasing any other transmitter for our use. We’re also adding a new station – KIPM in Maui – and have just purchased a Nautel NV20 which should make for another interesting story as access to the site is very difficult (to say the least!).

Read the KIPM NV20 ‘Xtreme Engineering’ story written up in Radio Guide, Jan-Feb 2012

Access to the remote, mountain-top transmitter site in Maui - it's not as easy as it looks to get past the middle section, even when it is dry...

Don Mussell
Hawaii Public Radio

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