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Christchurch Earthquake 2011

A devastating earthquake hit Christchurch [New Zealand] on February 22 2011. Radio services to the metropolitan area have been disrupted with many studios damaged and inaccessible.
image of postcard Helping Rebuild Christchurch

A complete list of current AM and FM radio services in Christchurch can be downloaded here as a Word doco (or here as a PDF file) plus notes about their current status

NEW We've got a fully self-equipped mobile radio studio on standby ready to roll into Christchurch to begin local community broadcasts in the eastern suburbs... complete with generator, telephone exchange, music library, transmitter, antenna, all studio gear, and Classic Gold Radio owner Chris Diack......

HELP US BRING RADIO BACK TO THE BEACH NOW.... listen to Radio Heritage Foundation's David Ricquish live on Classic Gold Radio.

Please donate what you can to cover the costs of getting the mobile studio from Invercargill to Christchurch, on the air, and bringing vital local community information, news, and great music to New Brighton and the shattered eastern suburbs.

Sponsor 1 hour for $25, 2 hours $50, 3 hours $75, 4 hours $100. Interim plans are to keep the station on the air in some way as long as funding allows. Classic Gold Radio are donating use of the mobile studio and time. Thank you very much for your kind donation! We issue tax deductible receipts for every donation so remember to tell us your name and address!'

NZ residents can make a direct bank credit to 03-1790-0106663-00 code RNBFM and email us their name and address so we can issue a tax receipt.

In Lyttelton, local LPFM Volcano Radio is helping bring the community together, accurate reports and providing a vital service. In the eastern suburbs, all existing four LPFM stations are destroyed or damaged and our mobile studio will take the pressure of struggling locals.

Your donations over NZ$5 are fully tax deductible..please help us bring community radio back to the beach in the crucial coming days.

Good news... we have had the original 3ZB studio building inspected and it has had no damage. It was built to withstand machinegun attack and close aerial bombing and has survived the killer earthquake unscathed. This will make a great home for housing 3ZB memorabilia and a permanent local LPFM community radio station to serve in the months and years of rebuilding Christchurch that lie ahead.......

Helping Rebuild Christchurch.. Please Donate Now

NZ residents can make a direct bank credit to 03-1790-0106663-00 code RNBFM and email us their name and address so we can issue a tax receipt.

In addition, a media release about the status of local Low Power FM radio services, particularly in the badly hit eastern suburbs gives more information about these neighborhood stations.

A copy of the media release is available and also from our media release page.

We had just launched our Helping Rebuild Christchurch project centered on restoration of the original 3ZB transmitter and studio building in New Brighton plus setting up a local LPFM radio station in the building for local community programs.

We are more determined than ever to proceed with this project which will give the eastern suburbs a local radio station for emergencies such as this recent earthquake and showcase the story of 3ZB, which served the city with news and welfare programs during WWII from this site.

Please donate to support this project and others forming part of the Kiwi Radio Campaign and our ongoing operational costs to make this project happen. Thank you for helping rebuild Christchurch.
image of postcard Helping Rebuild Christchurch

NZ residents can make a direct bank credit to 03-1790-0106663-00 code RNBFM and email us their name and address so we can issue a tax receipt.


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