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LocalRadio.Choice : Why Choose Local Radio

There are more independent local radio brands on the air than you may have realized... and a growing number want to introduce their local listeners to you.

Across the country, in big and small radio markets, youíll find local radio has been quietly establishing itself under the media radar in many local communities.

They offer choice.

Across the country, youíll find these stations are often well kept local secrets, appreciated by those in the know, and where smart advertisers have been building local loyalty.

Now you can be in on the secret.

LocalRadio.Choice radio stations have agreed to share their local listeners with you at incredibly competitive prices, so take a closer look today at the value each station can deliver for your budget.

Itís much more than local advertising.

You can also build a trusted relationship with these local stations and their local listeners by adding 90 day sponsorship packages to your media mix.

When you do, youíre talking directly with the LocalRadio.Choice station owner about how to add value to your buy.

Thatís often many years of local knowledge and a special understanding of their local listeners and itís all yours for free.

Local listeners are often avoiding commercial clutter with their choice, so 7 day advertising and 90 day sponsorship packages are limited to no more than four each at any one time.

By adding these packages to your media channels, youíre also supporting the Radio Heritage Foundation [a registered non-profit organization] with its programs to protect New Zealandís radio heritage and its connections with nostalgia and popular culture.

Thatís a three-way winning buy... You, local radio and a local charitable cause.

Get in on the secret today and make your choice, LocalRadio.Choice.

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