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LocalRadio.Choice : Brand : 106.7 FM

Radio Market Taranaki

Brand 106.7 FM
Frequency 106.7 FM + streaming online
Suburban Market* Core: Welbourne, Fitzroy, Merrilands
Surrounding Area: within 3km
Core Postal Code 4312
Population** Core: 8,076 + Surrounding Area: +100%
Total: 16,152
Share of New Plymouth District: 23.4%
Format Music Variety Standards, Rock & Roll, Country and vintage radio serial features, 50+ age skew. 24h continuous service
Website currently not available
Availability 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday
Advertising Spots Run-of-Station
Advertising Spot 30 sec
Minimum Package x 90
7 day schedule: $128 + GST
Station Sponsorship 30 sec
Minimum Package x 1,350
90 day schedule: $958 + GST

Market Thumbnail Data***106.7 FMNew Plymouth District

Median Total Household Income$45,100$44,700
Average Persons per Household2.32.5
Housing Ownership56%56%
Years in ResidenceUnder 548%52%
 Over 552%48%
AgeUnder 1010%13%
Estimated Households:7022 
Estimated Household Income:$316.7m 
Average Yearly Income Per Person:$19,607 

* Indicative core coverage.
** Population coverage derived from 2006 Census.
*** Data indicative of core coverage area [Welbourne] derived from 2006 Census.

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