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Kiwi Radio Campaign News

Radio JAFA Auckland

All I hear is Radio JAFA

Edward Rooney

Auckland has more radio stations than any other city - and we're intensely loyal to our favourites. Edward Rooney tunes in.

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New Plymouth Boys Dig Radio from Gully

School radio gets too close for comfort


A few teething problems have forced Taranaki's newest radio station to change its frequency for broadcasting.

Gully FM, run by pupils at New Plymouth Boys' High School, went live to air last week but found it was interrupting a nearby station that is forcing it to change channel.

New Plymouth Boys High School

In the Gully, New Plymouth Boys High School
© New Plymouth Boys High School

Gully FM mastermind and year 13 pupil Sam Adlam said a radio station near the school was not picked up when the pupils chose their 88.0 FM frequency.

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All Noise All The Time from AFM Auckland

Radio bleep bleep


Chris Cudby turns on the radio in the basement-level of an old tie factory and a series of discordant bleeps seep out of the speakers.

AFM manager Chris Cudby

TUNE IN: AFM manager Chris Cudby says the new radio station will help expose independent musicians to a global audience.

"Quite a lot of stuff we play is experimental or noise music, so that's actually what it's supposed to sound like," the AFM station manager explains.

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Paekakariki FM Has Live Bird Calls

Station heard all over world


Whether in Paris, New York, Paraparaumu or Paekakariki, people can tune in to the new Paekakariki FM.

The community radio station on 88.2FM started two weeks ago, and can be heard in Paekakariki on radio, or streaming online anywhere.

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Lyall Bay School Radio Maranui FM

Lyall Bay kids relish roles on radio


Maranui FM's DJs are charming and articulate, have local knowledge and varied musical tastes - and they are only 9 to 11 years old.

Announcer Lilly Gentile

On air: Announcer Lilly Gentile is one of 40 year 5 and 6 pupils at Lyall Bay School who work shifts at radio station Maranui FM.

And thanks to the station going digital this year, proud Lyall Bay School parents can tune in to hear their budding Swampy Marshes and Polly Gillespies from anywhere.

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Richmond View School Radio Zestoboom

Junior DJs take to airwaves
Zestoboom, Zestoblat! and Zestobling

Richmond View School in Blenheim has been making its presence felt on the airwaves, through pupil-run radio station Radio Zestoboom! since the beginning of the year.

The station, at 88.7 FM, is broadcast out of a classroom, has a transmission of up to one kilometre and a known group of dedicated listeners - the rest of the school and a few parents.

Richmond View School pupils

Radio zest: Richmond View School pupils, Isaac Neal, Emma Foster, both year 6, and year 8 Hannah Braddick do a lunchtime broadcast on the school’s radio station Radio Zestoboom!

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Maniapoto FM Voice of the King Country Turns 21

maniapoto fm


Mfm, Te Reo Irirangi o Maniapoto, is run by a trust and its purpose is to promote and sustain Maori culture and Maori values throughout the King Country on its four frequencies: Waitomo 99.6FM, Piopio 92.7FM, Rereahu 91.8FM, and Waipa 106FM.

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Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Paddy O'Donnell

Renowned radio veteran Paddy O'Donnell dies


One of New Zealand's best-known broadcasters and colourful radio personalities has died.

Paddy O'Donnell, 65, had a career spanning more than 40 years in radio in New Zealand and Australia, as well as stints compering television series, including Top Town.

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DJ Bobby is new on Blue

DJ wants more folk to use radio


Bob Mawer

Bob Mawer is the newest voice on Kaikoura's radio Blue FM

With his velvet voice and love of music, Bob Mawer seems to have been made for a job on the radio.

But although he certainly sounds the part, he has only recently taken up the challenge of hosting his own radio show.

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Free Fijian on Free FM

Listeners from around the world


Peni Seru

ON THE AIR: Peni Seru, presenter of Fijian language programme Bogi ni Taukei on Hamilton’s Free FM 89 radio station which relaunched today, thinks he would not be allowed home.

Peni Seru takes a few minutes to compose himself. I've just asked the presenter of Bogi ni Taukei, a Fijian language programme broadcast on Hamilton community access radio station Free FM 89, how his discussion of the Fijian Government on his show has affected his family.

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Reporter Guest DJ at Port FM Ashburton

A guest radio star is born

Mid Canterbury Herald reporter John Hobbs took on the weekly challenge this week as a guest announcer on Port FM Ashburton.

This week I got to dabble in the world of radio after Port FM DJ Bex Carr asked me to be a guest on her morning show – although this meant I had to be up bright and early, which is always a challenge.

I got to the studio and made my way to Bex's lair, where I was armed with a highlighter and a sheet of celebrity gossip snippets to read on air.

Mid Canterbury Herald reporter John Hobbs

Getting ready: John goes through the gossip list before going on air.

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Iwi Radio Tainui Spots Talent in Ngaruawahia

95.4 - Radio Tainui in Ngaruawhaia


Patara Berryman

"I believe locals need a voice and I think Auckland will miss a lot of that." - Patara Berryman, Breakfast radio announcer.
Photo: MARK TAYLOR/Waikato Times

There're birthday shoutouts to do and Te Reo cheats on the whiteboard near the signed picture of Rick Dees, but Huntly-born, bred and living Patara Berryman doesn't need any of that. He needs the Waikato Times and makes a desperate bid for it from under a pile of stuff as the song is ending...

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Kia Ora Access Manawatu

Concert treat


Lisa Check, from Kia Ora FM, and Fraser Greig, from Access Manawatu

THE POWER OF TWO: Kia Ora FM and Access Manawatu are organising Monday's Waitangi Day concert in The Square. Pictured are Lisa Check, from Kia Ora FM, and Fraser Greig, from Access Manawatu.

This year's Waitangi Day concert in The Square is a classic case of ebony and ivory.

Kia Ora FM and Access Manawatu have joined forces to organise the free family event.

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Sounds FM Christchurch Silenced

Fine for 'interfering' with air traffic control frequency

A Christchurch man who ran a hobby radio station has been fined $4000 and had his equipment confiscated after boosting its power interfered with an air traffic control frequency.

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Wadsworth, Womad & 107.6 FM

Helper a total fan of festival


Denis Wadsworth

Denis Wadsworth has been volunteering at Womad for years.

One of Denis Wadsworth's favourite sounds at Womad is the roar of generators as the festival cranks into action.

The volunteer is one of the first on the scene on the opening day, usually turning up at 6.30am.

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Keri Country FM

Radio repertoire

Sandy Myhre

Malcolm Hay

The multi-tasking Malcolm Hay of KeriKeri - radio station owner, broadcaster, advertising sales person and technical expert - speaking to his public from his basement.

It is Christmas Day in 2010 and in a suburban home on a lateral road not far from the Stone Store in Kerikeri there is great excitement. A present has been delivered to the Hay household but it's not one to be found under the Christmas tree wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow. It will, however, greatly change the life of the recipient.

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Phil Digs River City Dagsy FM

Creative job seeker takes to airwaves

Aaron van Delden

Phil Hyde

DO IT YOURSELF: Phil Hyde hopes his newly established radio station will provide him with a full-time career, after almost two years without a job.

Phil Hyde has been job hunting for almost two years.

The 43-year-old was made redundant from his position at Cartridge World in Upper Hutt in February 2010. Except for a two-month stint as a shuttle driver in Wellington during April and May in 2011, he has remained unemployed.

But rather than despair about not being able to find a job, Mr Hyde is trying to create his own.

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Ranfurly Radio Burn729

Radio station burns through the years


Burn729 logo

Burn729 logo © Burn729

A celebration will be held in Ranfurly this weekend to mark the 20th year on the airwaves for the area's sole radio station.

Burn 729AM station manager Quentin McIntosh said reaching the 20th year milestone was huge for the independently owned station.

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2ZA Heritage Vinyl Collection Found in Levin

Sound investment


More than 700 pieces of Palmerston North broadcast history have been unearthed from a basement in Levin.

Palmerston North record collector Paul Foote

IN A SPIN: Palmerston North record collector Paul Foote got little vinyl lights in his eyes when an 80-year-old from Levin told him he had more than 700 records in his basement.

Record collector Paul Foote said an 80-year-old man in Levin responded to a newspaper advertisement he had placed, asking for vinyls for his collection.

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Radio Lollipop Sticks Around Starship

Go red for Radio Lollipop


Radio Lollipop

ON AIR: Studio volunteers for Radio Lollipop painted their studio red to raise money for the programme last year.

Kiwis are encouraged to Paint the Town Red to lend a helping hand to sick kids at Starship Hospital this month.

Radio Lollipop's annual November appeal raises money for sick children and their families in hospital. It aims to keep children positive while in hospital through its radio programmes and activities.

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Ifinity FM Invercargill Finds Flour Power

Radio station fundraiser tonight


It started with an Xbox, a mixer, a microphone, $1000 in cash, and a leased transmitter above a mate's garage.

A year later Ifinity FM director Greg Selman is moving the radio station into the old Fleming and Company flour mill on the corner of Tyne and Conon streets.

Ifinity logo

Ifinity FM Logo © Ifinity FM

A "20 For 10" concert ("20 bands for $10") at the Invercargill Working Men's Club tonight has been organised to pump more money into the project.

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Hospital Radio Timaru Finds New Home

Hospital Radio forced to shift

Hospital Radio has found a new home but is asking for community support to help it continue.

The community radio station, that has been broadcasting for 23 years and is run by 14 volunteers, must vacate its studio in the Gardens Block at Timaru Hospital after the building was deemed unsafe.

Timaru Hospital

Timaru Hospital, home of Hospital Radio 88.1/107.5 for over 20 years
© Fairfax New Zealand Limited

An engineers' report suggested the possibility of a "catastrophic collapse" in a severe earthquake.

Hospital Radio founder Ron Heney said it was a shame to move.

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FM Finds Wings, Goes Global

An ailing radio station given $300,000 a year in government funding to play exclusively Kiwi music will bow to commercial reality today and play overseas bands.

MediaWorks Radio, which operates the ailing Kiwi FM station, announced yesterday that it would play 40 per cent international music in a bid to boost audience levels.

The announcement came the day after a sold-out crowd of 17,000 packed the Wellington waterfront to see 43 New Zealand acts perform at the annual Homegrown festival.

Kiwi FM AKL logo

Kiwi FM Auckland logo

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Big Buzz at Big River FM in Northland

Radio interns get a buzz out of life in Dargaville


Big River FM interns

THUMBS-UP: Interns Amanda Southorn, left, Laura Barnaby, Callum Lee and Katia Goodwin give Big River FM and Dargaville the thumbs-up.

Kaipara community radio station Big River FM's latest interns give Dargaville a big thumbs-up.

The interns are fresh out of radio school in Tauranga and will spend the next three to six months keeping Kaipara folk entertained and up with the play on what's going on in the region.

Amanda Southorn from Rotorua says she loves it here.

"People warned me I was going to hate it, but I love it, it's completely different."

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ART of Radio Success at 104.4FM

Access Radio a true story of success


Taranaki Access Radio station manager Daniel Keighley

Taranaki Access Radio station manager Daniel Keighley. Photo: Yvette Batten/Fairfax NZ

Two years ago the voice of the community first wafted over our airwaves when Access Radio Taranaki began broadcasting on radio's 104.4FM frequency.

Since then the station, on which people can hear shows made by community groups, has punched well above its weight when compared with others in New Zealand.

"All of the people who have participated who work for the station feel constantly enlivened," says station manager Daniel Keighley.

"We're all looking to the future and the growth that we see happening with glee."

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Fresh FM Finds New Home With Founders

Building a community with radio


Fresh FM station manager Mike Williams

NEW PREMISES: Fresh FM station manager Mike Williams outside the new studios at Founders Heritage Park. Photo: PATRICK HAMILTON

It still smells of new paint inside Fresh FM's studios at Founders Heritage Park.

"I never want to move another radio station as long as I live," station manager Mike Williams says.

It has been a four-month process moving out of Fresh's old site at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. But as soon as the staff started coming down to Founders to settle in it started to feel like home.

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Radio Southland Series Salutes Southland Songs

Southland songs to hit the airwaves


Graeme Woller and Liv McBride

ALL ORIGINALS: Graeme Woller and Liv McBride will host a "no covers" show featuring southern artists on Southland Radio. Photo: JOHN HAWKINS/Fairfax NZ

Tall poppies are more than welcome at a new radio show, The Great Southern Songbook, that launches tonight.

Far East duo Liv McBride and Graeme Woller are taking over the airwaves at Radio Southland at 8pm for an hour of "no covers" Southland music.

"It's a nice, sophisticated outlet for musicians around town to get exposure," McBride said yesterday.

"There needs to be something out there dedicated to musicians in Southland."

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Secret FM No Secret Any More

Hutt youth centre launches radio station


Secret FM

Say what! DJ Ben Bro throws his hands up in shock at hearing that Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development and Youth Affairs, spends $40 million a day meeting the responsibilities of her portfolios. He and fellow DJ Jeremy Hurn interviewed the MP at the launch of Secret Level's radio station, Secret FM. Photo: LEE-ANNE EDWARDS

Hutt radio listeners will be hearing more from local teens with the launch of youth radio station 107.2 Secret FM.

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Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Doreen Kelso

Doreen - queen of radio talkback


Doreen Kelso

On air: Doreen Kelso, right, conducts an interview in the 2ZB studio.

Forty years ago, the seemingly unflappable Doreen ruled Wellington airwaves on weekday afternoons with her listener-friendly Person to Person talkback show over radio 2ZB.

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Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Geoff Sinclair 1932-2011

Talkback star Geoff Sinclair dies



GEOFF SINCLAIR: The former school teacher specialised in a folksy, warm kind of talkback that set a benchmark for decades.

Geoff Sinclair, one of the original giants of talkback radio, has died, aged 79.

The former school teacher specialised in a folksy, warm kind of talkback that set a benchmark for decades.

He had a strong voice and a great laugh and seemed to find practically anything interesting.

A distinctive looking man, he summed up his style in an autobiography entitled "You Might Be Ugly - But You're Nice!"

He grew up in Auckland's Point Chevalier in a family of 10 that included his more famous brother, historian and academic Sir Keith Sinclair. All his brothers and sisters went into education.

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ZM Wellington Celebrates 40 Years Rockin' On

Wellington ZM crew relive glory days


Wellington ZM crew

REUNITING: From left, Paul Brennan, Liz Barry, Phil O'Brien, Phil Darkins and Jimmy Stewart are ready to rock out some old 2ZM yarns.

Forty years of Wellington radio personalities will converge when a classic station's former crew come together for a long-awaited reunion.

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TRN Nelson Manager Mike McElhinney Moves

Veteran radio manager bows out


Mike McElhinney

IN TUNE: Mike McElhinney is leaving after 10 years as general manager for The Radio Network. Photo: MARTIN DE RUYTER/FAIRFAX NZ

The Radio Network Nelson general manager Mike McElhinney is leaving his post this Friday after more than 20 years in the radio industry.

He said he was going to have a well-deserved break, "and I have got a few other irons in the fire. The plan is to stay in Nelson and to put some effort into the Nelson Jazz Club."

Mr McElhinney has been the general manager for The Radio Network Nelson for 10 years.

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Kaikoura's Blue FM Sure Can Do

Bigger 'can' for Blue FM


Blue FM transmitter

Old and new: The new Blue FM transmitter site on a shelf alongside the old equipment, which sits in the beetroot can.

Never let it be said Kaikoura does not have its finger on the pulse of technology and progress.

Even Kaikoura-based radio station Blue FM is trying to keep up with the times.

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So Dope Internet Radio from South Canterbury

So Dope's online music banquet


An online radio station started by teenagers for teenagers is gaining fans in South Canterbury.

Roncalli College's Jordan Diamond, 16, and Mountainview High School's Bailey Dunnage, 15, have been running So Dope FM for the past six months.

Jordan Diamond and Bailey Dunnage

Hard at work: Jordan Diamond, left, and Bailey Dunnage in their home studios where they broadcast their online radio station, So Dope FM.

Jordan started it after his mum suggested it might be a good idea, as the region did not have a radio station for teens. Bailey joined the team three months ago and since then the pair have been broadcasting their own shows, a wide range of music and running online competitions.

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Papakowhai Rocks the USA AndHow

Papakowhai unlikely base for US indie rock station


Patrick Brennan

FOREIGN FREQUENCY: Ex-pat Texan Patrick Brennan broadcasts his radio station AndHow.FM to tens of thousands of international listeners from his home studio in Papakowhai. Photo: Andrea O'Neil

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but it's not necessarily better - which is how a popular radio station came to be on the airwaves out of Papakowhai.

AndHow.FM broadcasts to 20,000 international listeners a month online, and 12,000 people can pick up its FM signal in Titahi Bay, Plimmerton, Mana, Camborne, Papakowhai and Pauatahanui.

It's the only station in New Zealand playing what Americans call AAA music - Adult Album Alternative, or "the new, hot stuff" as AndHow.FM's owner Patrick Brennan puts it.

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Mike has The Most in Taranaki

Radio man returns to roots


Mike Dunn sales manager at The Most FM

Mike Dunn is the new sales manager at The Most FM. Photo: JONATHAN CAMERON

He may have big shoes to fill, but Mike Dunn reckons returning to his business roots in music will help.

The 45-year-old has taken over from well-known Taranaki personality Dave Haskell at the helm of the independent radio station, The Most FM.

A self-confessed music nut, Mr Dunn said the opportunity was too good to let pass.

"I'm old enough to realise you need to have fun in your workplace. I didn't want to wake up and be 60 and realise I hadn't had any fun in the last 15 years," he said of his new role.

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Arrow FM launches new generation of radio play fans

Talent cauldron bubbles
Students in awards final


Cackling crones and other Shakespearean characters were bought to life with the help of Arrow FM to make a radio show that is now a finalist in the New Zealand Radio Awards.

Arrow FM Radio Talent

RADIO TALENT: Front row from left: Kitty Riach, 10, of Solway; Lily Jones, 11, of Opaki Primary School. Middle row from left: Callum Riach, 12, and Jean Campbell, 11, of Masterton Intermediate School; Jessie Parker, 11, of Hadlow; Lily Lewis, 10, and Melissa Rolls, 10, of Lakeview School and Maggie White, 10, of Fernridge School. Back row from left: Sam Johnill of Tinui School; Judah Dabora, 11, of Hadlow and Ruby Gaffney of Opaki School. Photo: PIERS FULLER

Students of the One Day Centre for gifted Wairarapa kids got together with Arrow FM manager and noted thespian Michael Wilson last year to tackle some Shakespeare. The educational sessions evolved into creating radio plays.

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107.5Rocks Dunedin

Radio man seeks a friendly rooftop

Dave Ure

Dave Ure behind the microphone at his radio station, 107.5Rocks Dunedin. Photo by Gerard O'Brien.

From his Dunedin man-cave Dave Ure broadcasts to the world, but he needs help from a higher place so more locals can tune in to his radio station.

Frustrated at not being able to find a locally-based rock radio station, the 42-year-old decided to do the next big thing - start his own.

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Te Upoku o Te Ika Wellington Maori Radio

Capital Maori Radio Station Turns 25


The "Big kid" of Maori language radio stations is turning 25 and the party is about to start.

DJ Ranea Aperatiama

BROADCASTING LIVE: DJ Ranea Aperatiama behind the mic for Te Upoko o Te Ika 1161AM. Photo: ANDREW GORRIE/Fairfax NZ

Wellington's Te Upoko o Te Ika 1161AM, the oldest Maori radio station in the country, had its first broadcast on May 4, 1987.

A week of on-air and off-air celebrations will begin later this month...

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Feature Station 2YD Wellington Ambush

In 1937, the move from private radio to state regulated radio in New Zealand was gathering pace with the creation of a National Commercial Broadcasting Service now competing directly with the National Broadcasting Service.

The latter indulged in a well planned ambush of the opening of 2ZB [NCBS] on April 28 1937 by bringing 2YD on the air three days earlier – it was commercial in everything except commercials.

It even caught the radio press by surprise, and this is how the ‘Radio Record’ weekly reported the arrival of 2YD on 990kc the following week:

NZ 1937 2YD On Air

© Radio Record, Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Resourceful listeners were monitoring the dial however, and one was enterprising enough to secure a written confirmation of the first day of broadcast of 2YD...

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2ZB Wellington 75 Years
Early Personalities

NZ 1937 2ZB on Way

© NZ Radio Record, Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

On April 28 1937, radio station 2ZB of the National Commercial Broadcasting Service began broadcasting to Wellington from atop Mt Victoria, overlooking New Zealand’s capital city. The studios were located in the Hope Gibbons Building on Dixon Street. The frequency was 1120kc on the medium wave dial...

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ZL6RWC Rugby World Cup Radio

Calling all radio/rugby fans


Papakura Radio Club members will be making contact with people from all around the world during the Rugby World Cup.

But they won't be meeting them face-to-face. Instead they'll be using a special call sign – ZL6RWC – from September 1 to October 31.

David Karrasch

RADIO SOUNDS: Papakura amateur radio club member David Karrasch can't wait to use the club's special world cup call sign. Photo: FIONA GOODALL

Longtime member David Karrasch is hoping they'll make contact with more than 40,000 people in that time.

"We expect to have it on air on two or three bands every day. It will be swamped."

He applied to the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters for a call sign especially for the Rugby World Cup. The club's usual callsign is ZL1VK.

But club members won't be having lengthy banter with contacts. Most communication is just an exchange of call signs, he says.

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1ZD Tauranga Celebrates Classic Hits

Classic Hits: Radio that won't fade out

Julia Proverbs - Saturday, February 26, 2011 8:49

Fifty years ago commercial radio came to Tauranga. Julia Proverbs looks at the evolution of Classic Hits - what has changed and what remains the same.

Classic Hits

Grayson Ottaway (left), Charlie Helliwell and Brian (BK) Kelly ensure music and mirth hit the airwaves at Classic Hits. Photo: Claire Fraser.

The reception area of The Radio Network in Tauranga is very 2011.

The scarlet rug echoes the red spiral logo on the wall and the black and white retro leather sofas with zebra print cushions look as if they were made exclusively for the derrieres of the rich and famous.

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Kids on the Ridge FM

Ridge kids rule radio airwaves

Anna Bowden - Wednesday, April 19, 2006 11:00

There's a new radio station in town. It's just for kids - and it's run by kids.

Ian Walker

Selwyn Ridge Primary technician Nadia Weightman, left, and DJ Brooke McDowall. Picture: Jimmy Joe

It's Kids on the Ridge FM.

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Musick Point Radio 500 AM

Are you reading me?

Kieran Nash - Saturday, March 27, 2010 6:01

Radio enthusiasts are breathing life into a dormant frequency at a Bucklands Beach station. Kieran Nash listens in.

Ian Walker

Ian Walker says reviving the old frequency is like climbing Mt Everest. Picture by Kellie Blizard.

In a beautiful art deco building overlooking the Hauraki Gulf, a group of amateur radio enthusiasts are reviving a radio frequency that harks back to the days of the Titanic.

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Gisborne's Switch 105.3 Goes Silent

‘Switch’ to be thrown after months of local programming

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - Kristine Walsh

THIRTEEN months almost to the day since it first went to air, the switch will be pulled on a radio station whose founder had hoped to fill a totally-local niche.

Drew Kirk, SwitchFM

OVER AND OUT: SwitchFM founder Drew Kirk (above) had "huge dreams" for totally local radio but, without advertising support, has had to pull the plug on his feldgling station. Picture by Paul Rickard

“It’s pretty gutting but the reality is that we didn’t get the support from businesses that we’d hoped for,” said SwitchFM operator Drew Kirk, who has sold his frequency to national broadcaster The Radio Network.

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Human FM Serves Coffee Hits

On air with coffee


You do not often hear of a radio station that is also a cafe, but Kelburn businesses Alcove Cafe and HumanFM have been brewing together for more than four years.

Human FM

On air: DJ Chris Salter, right, with radio guests, Lizzy Eden, left, and Laura Robinson.

You do not often hear of a radio station that is also a cafe, but Kelburn businesses Alcove Cafe and HumanFM have been brewing together for more than four years.

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88.1 FM Mangere Town Centre Live

Mangere views go on air

Dougie Te Moni

MANGERE LIVE: Dougie Te Moni is setting up a radio station for Mangere and is looking for local artists to supply music for it.
Photo: HANNAH JOHNSTON/Manukau Courier

It's time to wake up in your own neighbourhood, Mangere, with the first radio station exclusively about the suburb.

The radio station will hit the airwaves next month, broadcasting from the Mangere Community Development and Cultural Trust building in the town centre.

Dougie Te Moni is working alongside the trust to develop the station which will use FM frequency 88.1.

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Students GO FM in Titirangi

GO FM Logo

GO FM Logo
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Students airing their radio skills

A talented group of budding young DJs are living their dream by hosting a radio station.

GO FM, which features on 107.1FM from 3pm to 5pm every day, was started by Daniel and Matthew Tate and has a 10km radius from its studio at Lopdell House in Titirangi.

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Radio Woodville - The Voice of the Tararuas

Conor Bragg entertains Kaikoura

AT THE HELM: Volunteer Gayle Cresswell at work at Radio Woodville.
Photo: MURRAY WILSON/Manawatu Standard

The front door at Radio Woodville is often wide open, as it is today, and before you even make your way inside you can hear the music.

Two small weatherproof speakers sit atop the tiny station building on Woodville's main street, opposite the town's only money-machine, and the day The Tribune visited we entered to Peter, Paul and Mary's 1963 hit, Blowin' in the Wind.

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Retro-Heads Rock Kaikoura's Blue 100.3 FM

Blue 100.3 FM broadcast caravan

Blue 100.3 FM broadcast caravan
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Young DJ tunes in to 50s and 60s


Conor Bragg entertains Kaikoura

RETRO-HEAD: Conor Bragg entertains Kaikoura on the radio each week.
Photo: Emma Dangerfield

If you live in Kaikoura and shop in town on a Saturday you have more than likely come across this DJing duo blasting out across the airwaves on a Saturday.

Butch Bragg has been DJing on the town's radio station, 100.3 Blue FM since 1999, and his son Conor, eight, joined him a year ago to form the retro-heads partnership.

Playing each Saturday from around midday, the duo has attracted quite a following.

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The Gramophone Room, Palmerston North
A Music Oasis
One Decade of Non-Stop Music

Gramophone Room a music oasis


With a turn of the dial, Daphne Kyne's life changed for the better seven years ago.

She discovered Palmerston North's classical musical station The Gramophone Room, owned and operated by John Ward.

Studio at Dargaville Intermediate School

CLASSICAL HERITAGE: Daphne Kyne selects a recording of tragic opera Pia de' Tolomei from the extensive collection of The Gramophone Room radio station, run by John Ward. "It is just wonderful, it fulfils a need," Mrs Kyne said.
Photo: LEILANI HATCH/Tribune

When Mrs Kyne left war-damaged London in 1952 for a fresh start in New Zealand, she was expecting a few changes, but not a classical music "desert" with practically no classical music broadcast or performed.

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Solid FM 107.4
Dargaville Intermediate School

Pupils air their ideas on radio


"Good morning Dargaville. This is SOLID FM 107.4 broadcasting from Dargaville Intermediate School."

For two years the students have been spreading their voices like this over the airwaves on what is thought to be one of only two school radio stations in Northland.

Studio at Dargaville Intermediate School

ON THE AIR: From left: Bailey Welsh, Nikau Newman and Maryanne Hodgson at work in the studio at Dargaville Intermediate School.

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Tongan Radio on Auckland Airwaves

Tonga on the airwaves

Esther Lauaki, East And Bays Courier

Tama Ohi FM station manager Keith Moala

MAKING WAVES: Tama Ohi FM station manager Keith Moala is keen to reach out to youth and people living with disabilities through a new radio station in Panmure.

Keith Moala has experienced extraordinary success and travelled the world to learn from experts in his field.

But he says the one thing missing was "being able to work with my own people".

The former telecommunications engineer has now found what he was craving as a presenter for a small Tongan radio station based in a vacant Panmure shopping complex.

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Radio Ngakuta Bay

Ngakuta Bay hits airwaves

Tania Butterfield, Marlborough Express

Foss Leach of Radio Ngakuta Bay 88.4FM

Foss Leach has launched Radio Ngakuta Bay 88.4FM as a way of familiarising residents with the local band they should tune into if there is a civil defence emergency.

Ngakuta Bay has its own radio station, thanks to local resident and amateur radio enthusiast Foss Leach who launched Radio Ngakuta Bay 88.4FM as a way of familiarising residents with the local band they should tune into if there is a civil defence emergency.

The radio band which transmits to Ngakuta Bay and Grove Arm homes was used to relay civil defence information, although it had not been needed yet, Mr Leach said.

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Swiss Mixx 106.9 Covers Coastal Wanganui

Teen announces arrival with bedroom radio station

John Maslin, Wanganui Chronicle

You would have to say Jayden Barrie has a passion for radio.

There's no denying his keenness to make it on the airwaves because the Wanganui teenager has just launched his own station.

Swiss Mixx 106.9FM broadcasts from the Barrie home in Gonville and, while non-commercial at this stage, it is set up to broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jayden Barrie broadcasting from his bedroom in Gonville

ON AIR: Jayden Barrie broadcasting from his bedroom in Gonville.

As well as help from family and friends, it has cost the Cullinane College student $2000 of his own money to buy the a transmitter and mixer, while his mum Frances' boss chipped in with an old but workable computer.

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Mamaku School 88.4FM Radio

Mamaku pupils launch radio station

Cherie Taylor, Rotorua Daily Post

Budding young radio announcers are making themselves heard on the airwaves in Mamaku.

The rural area's school has launched a new radio station, Mamaku 88.4FM, which is run by Year 5 and 6 students, providing a live show from 9am to 3pm daily with pre-recorded items running through the night.

Mamaku 88.4FM Radio DJs Elaine Henneveld and Shannon McCormick

Mamaku 88.4FM Radio DJs Elaine Henneveld and Shannon McCormick
Photo: Stephen Parker

Mamaku School student radio DJ Elaine Henneveld, 10, said the station was awesome.

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BOLT 88.3 FM Bedroom Radio

BOLT from bedroom out to conquer airwaves

Ellen Irvine, Bay of Plenty Times

Jake Townsend has a voice for radio and he's only 14.

The Mount Maunganui College schoolboy started his own radio station, BOLT FM this year.

Jake Townsend and Hayden Gies at Bolt FM

Jake Townsend and Hayden Gies at Bolt FM
Photo: Joel Ford

And while most children will spend the school holidays relaxing with their mates, Jake and his friend Hayden Gies, 13, are looking forward to two weeks of filling the Papamoa airwaves.

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Fevah FM is Hot in Hamilton

The voice of the people

Waikato Times

A gymnasium in a suburban Hamilton shopping centre is not the sort of place you expect to find a low-power FM broadcasting strictly electronic dance music.

Fevah FM logo

Fevah FM logo © Fevah FM.
Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

But in a couple of offices at Flagstaff's TLC Gym is Fevah FM, the brainchild of hard dance fan Mandy Seuss-Ryan, who along with husband Bradley Ryan stumped up with $25,000 to launch the broadcaster last year. The station's name is taken from the dance music industry firm that holds a 25 per cent share in the company running the broadcaster, which beams out across Hamilton on the 88.3FM frequency.

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TAS 88.1 FM Taihape Area School Radio

School newsletter hits the airwaves

Central District Times
TAS 88.1 FM

BROADCASTING: The production team, from left, Max Fage, Nathan Chaney, Beau Walker, drian Stratton, Emma McCaughan, Nicola-Mary Geraghty, and Shayleigh Horton.

Taihape Area School radio station 88.1FM has added to its programming by broadcasting the school's weekly newsletter at 2pm and 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

The teacher responsible for the radio station, Harry Nichol, said the programme is being created and produced by a team of students from year 9 and 10. On Wednesday mornings, team members take their microphones and interview newsletter contributors, such as teachers, students and support staff.

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Hollah FM Fills Porirua Airwaves

Homegrown Porirua radio station comes of age

Esther Lauaki, Kapi-Mana News

Porirua's Hollah FM has found a new home at Whitireia New Zealand's local campus, providing an outlet for practical radio experience for budding broadcasters.

Hollah FM logo

Hollah FM logo © Hollah FM 2010.
Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Station co-founder La'i Lepou said the Hollah team wanted to leave a legacy in their community.

"We take a lot of students in from all over Porirua and they all love it, which is awesome," she said.

"Our dream for Hollah is to have the radio station grow and not have us be there forever but pass our knowledge on to people."

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Ifinity FM 87.7 Invercargill

Radio station set up in garage

Cassandra Pokoney, Southland Times

Greg Selman, Peter Holmes and Richard Scott of Ifinity FM, Invercargill

Greg Selman, Peter Holmes and Richard Scott of Ifinity FM, Invercargill
Photo: John Hawkins

A new radio station celebrating youth culture is hitting the airwaves in Invercargill.

Ifinity FM broadcasts on 87.7FM and will play a variety of music genres targeting youth audiences.

Station co-owner Greg Selman said the idea for the station arose after he returned to Invercargill from Hamilton, where he had been running a radio station, and noticed a gap in the southern market.

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