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From David's Desk

July 29 2005

Refreshing the Site

image of JOQL QSL

JOQL, Kushiro.
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation
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Art of Radio © Japan

After six months on-line and with daily visitor numbers almost trebling in the past month, we've taken the opportunity to refresh the site.

Look for the Top 10 Archive articles for the month, and the list of the Top 5 High Flyers. These are the most popular stories. Looking for what's new? Check out the Latest Stories listed on the right and try our new index... It's now easy to sponsor hours of research and web site development time and cover the costs of our two full time staff…..and sponsor software and storage needs to cope with the increasing daily flow of new materials.

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Don't Touch That Dial
Hits 'n' Memories of Australian Radio

image of Wayne Mac

Wayne Mac.

Wayne Mac in Canberra has got a fantastic radio heritage project underway. His book about Australian radio from the late 1950's to the late 1980's tells you 'WHO was making radio, WHAT radio was saying and playing' and is an absolute must.

You can find more at, including great station jingles from his personal collection. We're delighted to recommend his book, and look forward to adding it to The Emporium very soon.

Happy 75th Birthday 3BA Ballarat

image of 3BA Ballarat logo

Detail from 1930's letterhead for 3BA Ballarat
© Eric Shackle Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

'The Voice of the Garden City' began broadcasting from the 19th century gold mining town of Ballarat, in the state of Victoria in Australia in July 1930.

'Station 3BA, with a modern 500 watt transmitter, three up-to-date studios, separate control room to facilitate presentation, and a sound record of service is indeed - a station built on gold'

3BA still broadcasts from Ballarat today. It's now on FM.

Pacific-Asian Log (PAL)

image link to Pacific-Asian Log

Adapted from 1950's KPAL Palm Springs logo
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The latest edition of the famed Pacific Asia Log is now on-line. Search over 4000 separate medium wave radio station entries from across the entire region for data on location, brand or call sign, operating frequency and transmitter power, hours of operation and program format.

The same information can cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere, if you can find it in one place. Here it's a completely free service provided as part of our commitment to Pacific radio heritage and with the partnership of Bruce Portzer in Seattle. With help from monitors and radio stations around the region, Bruce has collated many new changes for this latest edition. Simply enter your email address to activate your free access.

A Unique Image from Ulric

image of 3BA Ballarat logo

© Ulric Williams, from 'Try and Stop Me. The Days and Days of Ulric Williams.'
[unpublished memoir]

New Zealand broadcaster Ulric Williams was original manager of Radio New Zealand, the short wave station established in 1948.

However, he earlier established AKAA, the New Zealand radio station in Yamaguchi. Here's a unique image of Ulric [l] with General Robertson [r], Commander BCOF Japan on that opening day, almost 60 years ago.


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