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Radio Voz Missionaria

Join our contributor Martin Butera as he visits the Brazilian shortwave station Radio Voz Missionaria.
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Mix FM 88.3 MHz Central Wellington (2003-2006)

Audio Samples from 2003-2006. Mix FM is an LPFM radio station that has broadcast to Wellington, New Zealand, for many years from a variety of locations.
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Kermadec Earthquake

Wavescan: Kermadec Islands feature...
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NZBC Radio Recordings from the 1960s

A selection of radio-related features broadcast on the NZBC's "4ZB Network" in the 1960s & early 1970s.
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Selwyn Toogood on Radio Pacific

In 1991-92 legendary New Zealand broadcasting personality Selwyn Toogood hosted a nostalgia programme on Radio Pacific...
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True Light FM Palmerston North

Sample Audio from True Light 87.8 FM From a CD donated to us by the station in 2010
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Bitter FM Taupo

Bitter FM Audio Samples From a CD donated to us by the station, here are some audio samples from that LPFM station
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The Story of Village Radio 1XT Tauranga

Audio Features from Our Archives Village Radio 1XT is on 1368AM and broadcasts from the Historic Village, 17th Avenue West, Tauranga, New Zealand.
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V-Discs 1940s Cassette Compilation

V-Disc : An American military record label during WWII V-Disc ("V" for Victory) was a morale-boosting initiative involving the production of several series of recording...
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AM Radio Auckland 1989

Recordings of Classic Hits & Aotearoa Radio, Auckland, New Zealand, made in November 1989.
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Rare Kiwi MW/AM DX Audio Clips from the 1970s

Listen to some rare mediumwave DX audio clips recorded in New Zealand during the 1970s.
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VOA Pacific
Studio Recording from 1990

Studio recording of an hour of a VOA Pacific broadcast from 1990
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QSL Collections

We have started to put some of the QSL/Verification Collections from our Archives on-line...
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LPFM Powers Up With the Arkansas Sun

KUHS, helped by solar power, bring an eclectic mix to Hot Springs...
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The Wave, Sumner
Sampler CD

The Wave was an LPFM radio station broadcasting from the bell tower at All Saints Church in Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand...
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It's Always Show Time at 2CH

Brochure from station 2CH, Sydney, Australia...
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Radio and Gender Equality

History records that, from the very advent of radio, women have had a strong involvement in the development of the medium...
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Unsung Heroes
D-Day and After

A Documentary by Broadcaster Keith Richardson...
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Australian "Broadcasting and Television Year Book" 1958

This first edition of the Broadcasting and Television Year Book has been produced by the company and personnel responsible for the fortnightly appearance of Broadcasting and Television...
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Gippsland Radio Heritage

In 2002 radio station 3BBR-FM, West Gippsland Community Radio Inc, located in Drouin, Victoria, Australia, produced two radio programs on the radio history of the Gippsland region...
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Big 106.2 Auckland
Audio Clips

Big 106.2 or Big FM was a radio station in Auckland, New Zealand, that was launched on 1 November 2008 at 9AM, broadcasting on 106.2FM...
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Community Radio Hamilton
Audio Samples

Some audio samples from a CD donated to our archives (date unknown). Community Radio Hamilton broadcast on AM 1206 kHz to the Waikato Region and on 106.7 MHz in Hamilton City...
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Holiday 106.8 Sampler CD

A sampler CD donated to our archives...
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One Double X 40th Birthday CD

To celebrate their 40th birthday in 2011, station One Double X (1XX) produced this special CD...
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Lyall Bay School Radio
Maranui FM Jingle CD

From our archives, enjoy this short collection of jingles from the children at Maranui FM, 106.7 MHz, the radio station of Lyall Bay Primary School in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand...
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Myanma Radio in Burma (Myanmar) Celebrates 75 Years

Radio Myanmar in Burma, or Myanmar as the country is known these days, celebrates its 75th Anniversary tomorrow, Monday February 15 (2021). It was back on February 15, 1946, that the radio broadcasting service in Rangoon Burma was restarted following the ravages of the Asian-Pacific War in the middle of last century...
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Pacific Airwaves

Named after the British explorer James Cook, who is said to have "discovered" the islands in the 1700s, the Cook Islands is an archipelago scattered near the dateline in the Pacific Ocean...
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Baseball Commentary on WVTB, 1944

New Guinea Christmas Day Olympics, December 25, 1944, sponsored by the 360th Service Groups Special Services at A.P.O. 713, Unit 1, against the 868th...
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Once a radio dream, now 30 years on air for Christchurch's Tahu FM

Tahu FM is celebrating 30 years on the airwaves, with a month of birthday celebrations...
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Early New Zealand Radio Personalities

In the 1930's Auckland, New Zealand, teenager Elsie Orams (later Sanders) started a scrapbook of press clippings featuring radio personalities of the time...
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On the Radio
Bacolod City, Philippines, 2004

Enjoy a selection of FM radio stations in Bacolod City, Philippines, recorded by David Miller during April 2004...
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900 2LM
60th Birthday Special

In 1996 Australian radio station 2LM, in Lismore, NSW, celebrated their 60th birthday with this special broadcast...
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Radio Station Studios in the 1920s

A collection of photographs from radio stations of the 1920s...
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AFTN Taiwan Audio Clip

Until 1979 Armed Forces Radio had a station in Taiwan called Armed Forces Taiwan Network (AFTN)...
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New Zealand Broadcasting
Press Clippings Scrapbook 1991

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time...
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New Radio Station for Northland

Northland will shortly have its first national radio station which will be known as Station 1YX...
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New Zealand Broadcasting
Press Clippings Scrapbook 1996-1997

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time...
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New Zealand Broadcasting
Press Clippings Scrapbook 1988-1990

The late Mark Nicholls kept a series of scrapbooks containing newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the broadcasting scene in New Zealand. These books provide an interesting look back at NZ broadcasting at the time...
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New Wavelengths

Most of the New Zealand stations will change their wavelengths on December 1, and "Grid Bias" has been asked to reprint the list of new allocations...
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Transatlantic Tests Mark 99th Anniversary

On December 11, 1921, radio history was made when the signal from amateur station 1BCG in Greenwich, Connecticut, was heard in Ardrossan, Scotland, marking the first successful transatlantic radio transmission using shortwave frequencies...
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Traveller’s guide to ABC Radio

A handy guide to Australia’s domestic ABC Radio frequencies...
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Irish Pirate Radio Audio Archive is a free and open archive and comprises historical recordings and oral history interviews. Their aim is to build a sustainable audio archive of pirate radio for future generations, in collaboration with as many partners as possible...
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Looking Back: New radio service goes on air

The Herald, 1 November 1960 NEW broadcasting transmitters which will enable the African service of the Federal Broadcasting Corporation to "go regional" come into operation...
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A Visit to PPE Observatório Nacional

Martin Butera takes us on a tour of the Brazilian time & frequency station PPE Observatório Nacional...
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Georgia Radio Is On the Mind as the Peach State Celebrates #Radio100

From the strains of bluegrass in the 1950s to the live radio calls of Georgia Bulldogs football, the Georgia Association of Broadcasters (GAB) is honoring radio's 100th anniversary by recognizing the myriad ways radio has served citizens across the Peach State...
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CHU, Canada’s Time Station

It is nestled in a farmer's field in southwestern Ottawa, Canada, in a protected area known as the Greenbelt, surrounded by miles of sprawling suburbia. It is CHU, Canada's own automated time station. Operating from a 1940s-era transmitter building and three vertical antenna towers, CHU broadcasts automated voice time signals in both English and French 24/7....
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America's voice goes silent in Berlin as last US radio station closes

The postwar American presence on Berlin's airways that began in the summer of 1945 when the city was still digging itself out of the rubble of World War II ended this month as the last U.S. radio station in the German capital ceased operation. For years, the station, known in its final iteration as KCRW Berlin, offered listeners a daily helping of local English-language news and eclectic music...
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The Radio Scene on Four Little Greek Islands – Part 2

Join Adrian Petersen from AWR's Wavescan as he explores more radio history of the Greek Islands...
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4AT Atherton

Five miles east of Atherton and about midway between Yungaburra and Malanda, the road crosses Gwynne Creek. Close by, on a 60 acre low lying block of ground described as sub 1 of portion 306, parish of East Barron, country Nares, lies 4AT...
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You Have Been Listening

"You Have Been Listening.." is a station 3YA anniversary programme marking 25 years of broadcasting in Christchurch. Consists of music, narration and brief interviews with many broadcasters and performers who appeared on air between 1926 and 1951...
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The Women Who Overcame Radio's Earliest Glass Ceilings

Before the dawn of broadcasting, women were frequently hired as wireless operators, and so it was not a surprise that women’s voices were heard as announcers and program hosts in the early days of broadcast radio....
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Remembering Rediffusion: Singapore

Rediffusion Singapore was established in the late 1940's bringing a Cable Radio Service thousands of subscribers in Singapore at a time when radio sets were very expensive and reception of such stations very poor....
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The Radio Scene on Four Little Greek Islands – Part 1

Join Adrian Petersen from AWR's Wavescan as he explores the radio history of the Greek Islands....
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WVTI Studio, Cebu City, 1945

A rare photo of the WVTI studio in Cebu City, 1945.
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Rare Photos from WXLN, Nome, Alaska, 1945

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KING-FM Studios Hit the High Notes

KING-FM had occupied its studios in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle for more than two decades when its landlord informed management that the building would be torn down for condos.

The station began looking for a new long-term home...
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Visit to Rádio Nacional da Amazônia

Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, the largest complex of medium transmitters and shortwave transmitters in Latin America and the fifth most powerful transmitting station in the world.

Martin Butera tours their site...
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Why WWV and WWVH Still Matter

Last year was one of both celebration and uncertainty for WWV, the station adjacent to Fort Collins, Colo., that transmits automated time broadcasts on the shortwave bands...
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The Story of Hutt River Radio

Several recent news reports tell us that the half century old Hutt River Principality, a self proclaimed independent nation within Australia, has finally come to an end, and it has since rejoined the Commonwealth of Australia. The Hutt River Principality was the oldest of Australia's independent micro-nations, and it has served as an interesting tourist attraction for those who dared to drive out into the semi-desert areas of Western Australia...
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Florida AM Station Plans to Go All-Digital

A Florida AM radio station plans to go all-digital soon, now that the Federal Communications Commission has allowed such transitions...
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Radio Broadcasting Becomes a Reality
KDKA on Nov. 2, 1920

Here's how KDKA became the medium's standard bearer 100 years ago...
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Communications and IT Minister Reopens NBC Gulf Building

Minister for Information & Communication Technology, Hon Timothy Masiu left Kerema Town yesterday extremely pleased to have officially reopened the NBC Gulf office and studio building after it was condemned by the Gulf provincial health authorities...
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Visit Radio Globo and Radio CBN Sao Paulo Brazil

Martin Butera reports on a visit to Radio Globo & Radio CBN in Sao Paulo.
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We've Turned 500!

We've recently added the 500th feature to our website. That's now over 500 items of radio and broadcasting history preserved for the future, and for your enjoyment! Explore our site - you never know what you might find.

But wait! There's more! We have launched a new, more interactive, interface to all our stories, with even more historic content. You can find the new interface at

Samoa's Radio 2AP Redevelopment Project

Enjoy this YouTube video from Australia's ABC on the redevelopment project at 2AP...
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KNX, Los Angeles
A Centennial Station

The station will celebrate its 100th anniversary on Sept. 10.

In 1920, Fred Christian left his employment as a Marconi shipboard radio operator to become the manager of the Electric Lighting Supply Co. in Los Angeles. In addition to selling lighting fixtures, he began to offer the radio parts that tinkerers needed to build their own homemade radio sets...
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4ZM "Voice of Dunedin"

Stastion 4ZM, in Dunedin, New Zealand, is one of the most modern of the medium-power "B" stations now operating in New Zealand...
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The Rise and Fall of Radio Avon

A radio documentary about Christchurch's first private station Radio Avon, created as a 700-level major project by Richard Holstein, a student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School, Christchurch Polytechnic. Narrated by Nikki Reece...
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Doggo Days

The changing of the guard at the Wellington Transmission Centre took place every day at 7 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays the afternoon shift commenced at 3 p.m. and, on Sundays, the morning and evening shifts commenced at 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. There were other shifts such as noon to six, eleven to five, and eight to five, but the three key shifts kept the transmission station running around the clock...
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NBC Morobe
The Forgotten Kundu

COMMENTARY: By Sylvester Gawi in Lae

I grew up in the 90's listening to NBC Radio - Radio Kundu - which was informative and always reaching out to the mass population of Papua New Guinea who can afford a transistor radio...
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Office of War Information
Central Pacific Operations
Photo Essay Booklet

This photo essay booklet from the estate of John C Seehaas has been the source of material for several articles on our website. We've now converted the original booklet to a web-browsable document for your enjoyment...
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2JJ 40th

Highlights the first hour of the official 2JJ broadcast from 1975 with a YouTube interview with the first voice on 2JJ AM, Holger Brockman
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World Radio History

The website formerly known as AmericanRadioHistory.Com had recently rebranded as WorldRadioHistory.Com. There you will find a treasure trove of historical radio & broadcasting related publications & documents.

The new website can be found at:

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Make sure you have an hour or two free before you visit it though!

Shaky Raoul Island


"Raoul's calling you and he sounds worried!" said the radio technician at Makara Radio when I answered the orderwire...
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Radio Fifeshire Nelson
Early Documents

We recently unearthed a collection of documents relating to the short-term broadcast of Radio Fifeshire, Nelson, New Zealand, over the summer of 1982/83...
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THE hush of early morning is broken only by the staccato beat of an isolated gasoline engine in a tent in an alfalfa field just beyond the city limits. A sleepy radio operator reads the meters of a portable transmitter arid makes an entry in his log. "One more hour," he yawns, "and the job is finished."

On the other side of town a mysterious looking car pulls up at a corner. The driver reads the street names, marks the spot on a map, then snaps on a complicated looking receiving set hung from the roof behind his seat. No sound comes forth. Instead, the needles of two meters swing across the scales. Rotating the loop aerial protruding through the roof, the driver secures maximum reading, makes a note of it, then goes on down the street...
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Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company
The most democratic station in the country?

As the presenter reads news items coming in from Shetland to Japan and Ecuador, I realise there's no heirarchy.

It's 8am on the island of Bressay and the news on 18 April is of the earthquake in Ecuador; then a report on today's fish landings across the Shetland area (1,800 boxes)...
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Lure of the Trail
Programme No. 13: Urewera Country
NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939

In the late 1930s the New Zealand Department of Tourist and Publicity produced a series of radio programmes to encourage New Zealanders to holiday within New Zealand rather than travelling overseas.
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World's Greatest Radio Listening Post

RADIO fans take pride in the number of stations they can "log" and verify, especially if these are at a great distance. Contests for the most successful listening are as popular, now that one may hear Australia or South America, as they were in the days when people sat up in the hope of hearing Pittsburgh or Schenectady. However, the prize for the world's most systematic listening should go to Mdlle. Marianne (the personification of the French Republic, as Uncle Sam is that of the United States). She has erected the world's most elaborate receiving station for the purpose of listening to and recording broadcasts, as illustrated here.

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KUAM Isla 63 AM Guam Ceases Broadcasting

CHamoru radio trailblazer Isla 63 AM to cease broadcasting on May 1st

KUAM Isla 63 AM will cease broadcasting on the radio on May 1, according to KUAM Communications.

For over 66 years, KUAM AM radio has informed and entertained local audiences through Isla 63. It's provided a community connection for quality local programming and it's been advocate, influencer and media trailblazer for CHamoru language and culture through entertainment.
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Remembering Rediffusion: Trinidad

Radio Trinidad Station Transmitters

Rediffusion in Trinidad was a fundamentally different proposition from it's service in England which was primarily a matter of diffusing BBC programmes so that listeners could hear them better and more easily than they could on an ordinary radio receiver.
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Rare QSL from WSZD Ponape

PONAPE Eastern Caroline Islands WSZD – March 1967

Radio Station WSZD was a government owned broadcaster serving Ponape in the US Trust Territory of the Pacific.
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Remembering Rediffusion: Malaya

The KL Rediffusion Building c1960

Rediffusion (Malaya) Sdn Bhd
17, Jalan Pahang
53000 Kula Lumpur
Malaya Tel : 603-4424544

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Manx Radio History

Manx Radio is the national public service broadcaster of the Isle of Man and broadcasts from its own studios at Broadcasting House in Douglas.
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Remembering Rediffusion: Hong Kong

Rediffusion House, Broadcast Drive, HK. (1968)

Rediffusion ( Hong Kong ) Limited
Rediffusion House 81 Broadcast Dr
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong Tel: 4424544

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KZOO Radio Celebrates 50 Years of Radio Broadcasting in Hawaii

KZOO Radio is proud to celebrate 50 years of radio broadcasting in Hawaii, and now our main focus is on the future and evolving so that KZOO is around another 50 years!
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