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Most content on this legacy website is no longer actively maintained and may not be up-to-date. It is preserved on-line purely for historical interest as part of the Radio Heritage Foundation’s digital collection.

Anchor Partners Announced

Sunshine Radio has joined World FM as an anchor partner for this Radio Heritage Foundation project.

Both stations broadcast to the top of the South Island in New Zealand on a number of FM frequencies, covering much of Nelson and surrounding areas and Blenheim in Marlborough with easy listening classic hits [Sunshine Radio] and world music, news and information programmes [World FM].

Both Sunshine Radio and World FM stream online to global audiences and World FM also has an outlet in the capital city, Wellington.

We're delighted to welcome both Sunshine Radio and World FM to our growing group of radio partners who want to support this project in a practical way.

Forgotten Features

With hundreds of features online after almost 10 years it's not surprising that some join the forgotten list and get overlooked. We've dug out the least visited features so far in 2014 and encourage you to check them out for yourself.

They range from Australian radio ads in the 1980's to broadcasting in Japanese controlled Manchuria in the 1930's and from famous shortwave station HCJB Quito to local Kiwi station Guru FM:


Listener confirmation (QSL) card issued by MTCY to a British listener in April 1940.

image of Chris Bennett

Chris Bennetts low power radio station broadcasts from his garage.
© SHANE WENZLICK/Manukau Courier

image of WVTK QSL

WVTK Leyte was heard as far away as New Zealand. This confirmation letter was signed by program director Ray Carroll in July 1945.
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Explore and enjoy our hundreds of features today!

2GB Sydney
Key Station of the Macquarie Network

2GB QSL card

2GB issued this QSL card to a New Zealand listener
© Eric Shackle Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

2GB Sydney is operated by Broadcasting Station 2GB Pty. Ltd., with offices and studio at 134 Phillip Street, Sydney, and transmitter at Homebush Point, Parramatta River. 2GB operates on a power of one kilowatt and a wave length of 345 metres (870 kcs.).

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Free Europe


Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Republic of Eire, France, West Germany [including West Berlin], Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Saar, Spain, Switzerland, Trieste Free Territory [for Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden see Nordic Europe 1953].

Read more in our three 1953 Free Europe features:

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Japan Radio

Share your own memories of Japan Radio

kc Station Location
540 JOCZ Takayama
  JOOC Obihiro
560 JOCR Kobe
570 JOIK Sapporo
580 JOHF Yonago
590 JOAK Tokyo
600 JOGF Oita
610 JOLK Fukuoka
620 JODG Hamamatsu
  JOKG Kofu

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How Radio Hauraki Really Got Its Name

Top of the Dial on the Tiri II

Top of the Dial on the Tiri II
© John Monks

Jan Earwaker

I remember it well - that Friday night in 1965. I had been working late and my (then) fiancé Chris Parkinson, and our good friend Derek Lowe, had been chatting over dinner at the well-known Auckland restaurant, El Matador. They arrived to pick me up, both very excited with a decision which they had come to - "We have decided to start a Pirate Station - what do you think?" they asked.

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Australia, New Zealand & Pacific

Share your own memories of Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Radio

Includes Australia, New Zealand, Territory of Hawaii, Territory of Papua, U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Guam, Ryukyu Islands, Bonin Islands, French Settlements in Oceania, New Caledonia, Fiji, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Pitcairn Island, Midway Island, Johnston Island, British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Anglo-American Condominium of Canton & Enderbury Islands.

kc Station Country State/Island Location
500 ZBP Pitcairn Island Pitcairn Island Adamstown
540 4QL Australia QLD Longreach
550 2CR Australia NSW Cumnock
  KMVI Territory of Hawaii Maui Wailuku
560 6WA South West Australia WA Minding
  7BU Australia TAS Burnie
570 2YA New Zealand North Wellington
580 3WV Western Victoria Australia VIC Doen
590 4QR Australia QLD Brisbane
  KGMB Territory of Hawaii Oahu Honolulu
600 4AT Australia QLD Atherton
  7ZL Australia TAS Hobart
610 2FC Australia NSW Sydney

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South East Asia Radio

Share your own memories of South East Asia Radio

Burma, Indo-China, Indonesia, Malaya, Netherlands New Guinea, North Borneo [Philippines: see separate entry]

kc Station Country Location
630 Radio Malaya Blue Malaya Singapore
660 Radio Malaya Red Malaya Penang
695 Radio Malaya Red Malaya Kuala Lumpur
790 Radio Malaya Red Malaya Singapore
820 Radio Malaya Blue Malaya Penang
825 HSK Radio Thailand Thailand Bangkok
838 La Voix du Vietnam Indo-China Saigon, Vietnam
875 Radio Malaya Blue Malaya Kuala Lumpur

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South Asia Radio

Share your own memories of South Asia Radio

Bhutan, Ceylon, India, Kashmir, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan [East], Portuguese India [Goa]

kc Station Country Location
550 AIR India Bombay
557 GOA Radio Goa Portuguese India Goa
580 VUK India Calicut
590 VUN India Nagpur
640 Radio Ceylon Commercial ServiceCeylon Colombo
  VUD India Dharwar
660 VUT-2 India Trivandrum
700 Radio Ceylon I Ceylon Colombo
710 VUD6 India Delhi
730 VUH India Hyderabad

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Brazil Radio

Share your own memories of Brazil Radio

This is a list of radio stations known to be broadcasting from Brazil in 1953 and includes mediumwave [AM], shortwave [SW] and FM. At the time, Rio de Janeiro was the capital city and Brasila had not been built.

kHz/MHz Call Station Location
550 ZYZ22 R.Eldorado Rio de Janeiro
560 ZYM5 R.Guairaca Curetiba
590 ZYA8 R.Difusora de Taubate Taubate
600 PRH2 R.Farroupilha Porto Alegre
620 PRH7 R.Panamericana Sao Paulo
640 PRF9 R.Difusora Porto Alegrense Porto Alegre
680 ZYD7 R.Sociedad Norte del Minas Montes Claros

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Thanks for visiting us today

Hello and thanks for visiting our website, the public face of the Global Radio Memories Project.

We started out with just a few features nearly 10 years ago, and have steadily grown over the years since.

In those days social media as we know it today didn't exist, and if you wanted to listen to the radio your choice was mostly limited to AM, FM or shortwave.

In fact, radio as we know it will be struggling to reach 100 years old in many countries, as the pace of change moves faster.

Already, AM is becoming a thing of the past, even FM is disappearing from dials in some countries, and shortwave, the old fashioned way to tour the world by radio, is rapidly going silent worldwide.

We've all been touched by radio: through music we know and love, through news, sports, events and just it's familiar place in our daily lives and family memories.

KVOC Picnic

A boy, a girl and a transistor radio
© Radio Heritage Collection

Enjoy the celebration of memories here

The Radio Heritage Foundation has a mission to protect, preserve and celebrate the memories each of us has about how radio plays a role in our lives, and has shaped much of modern culture as we know it today.

We do this through curated features, exhibitions and other material here, where everything is shared with free access to everybody, anywhere and anytime.

The Retro Radio Dial, Popular Culture, Art of Radio, Island Radio Pacific Style, Pacific USA, Australian Radio Pioneers, Long Lost Australian Radio Stars, AFRS Armed Forces Radio Memories, New Zealand Radio, Amateur Radio, Asian Radio...... these are the main groups of material we have today, and more will come as we keep unlocking our archives.

Our current radio guides are very popular: Australian Radio Guide, New Zealand Radio Guide, Pacific Asian Listener Guide all make it easy to find links to and information about thousands of today's radio stations and meet a real need to cut through so much online clutter to find simple information you can trust.

2ZB badge

An old radio station badge
© Radio Heritage Collection

Join us on Facebook too

We have a Facebook page where we share less formal news and comments with hundreds of friends worldwide.

So, what you see on this website is just the tip of the iceberg. We actively collect and protect original radio memorabilia, and store it safely. This material helps us research new features, and there is a plan to digitize it all and add it to a new look website in 2014.

Social media is good for posting photos and one line comments about radio stations, personalities, memories and more, before they're lost in a daily deluge of more and become lost.

But social media is ephemeral, here one second, gone in the blink of an eye............

KZOO 120 logo

KZOO has been serving Honolulu for 50 years
© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Stability in times of change

This website is here to provide stability as these changes wash over us and threaten to sweep away the memories and the memorabilia.

It takes time, dedication and effort to keep it relevant, and some days, even existing, as volunteer based organizations can be overwhelmed with just the daily grind of finding money and resources to keep going.

We rely entirely on individuals to make donations of money, memorabilia and time.

So when we ask if you'll join us and become a supporter, we know you're faced with many good causes and have to set your own priorities.

Our team of worldwide existing supporters would welcome your joining them to help protect, preserve and celebrate radio memories here.

Under the KULA hula girl in the right hand corner of every page of this website you can make a fast and easy donation of money today. You'll be very glad you did.

Pacific Radio News Logo 1917

100 years worth of radio news
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You can trust us to be here

Enjoy what's on offer, come back often and please tell your friends about us through any of the social media links you'll find on each page.

Thank you for your interest in the Global Radio Memories Project, we hope you find what you're looking for and you can trust us to still be here when you come back again................

NEW!!! Aussie Radio Guide AM/FM/Digital

Thousands of Aussie radio stations now easily found in the new look Australian Radio Guide - search locations from A-Z, state by state, frequency and even by individual station brand or call sign. Easy internet streaming direct from station websites too.

The only guide you'll ever need so bookmark the pages and come back as often as you like. It's always free to use and open 24/7.

NEW!! NZ Radio Guide AM/FM/LPFM

Over 1,000 Kiwi radio stations now easily found in the brand new New Zealand Radio Guide - search locations from A-Z, region by region, frequency, and even by individual station brand. Easy internet streaming direct from station websites too.

The only complete guide of its kind available in New Zealand so bookmark the pages and come back as often as you like. It's always free to use and open 24/7

Mosquito Network AES 1ZM Auckland



YOU could call yourself an optimist if you expected to find a radio station high in personality power in that building at the top of Shortland Street that looks like a cross between an electric power board sub-station and a mausoleum. But buildings don't mean a thing to Technical-Sergeant Larry Dysart, and Sergeants Gene Twombley, Karl Jean and Frank Gaunt, all of the U.S. Army.

You see, they are four Yanks with ideas about pleasing a radio audience that have no relation to the buildings in which they are located. With memories, dating back a year, when they manned the first American Expeditionary station in the South Pacific (it was in New Caledonia, if you want to know) and found it a 12 by 8 room, containing turntable, control panel, microphone, record library ("and," adds Gene, "Sergeant Dysart, writing out the news") they look at their soon-to-be-vacated two-room station in the basement of 1YA and call it a home away from home.

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Radio 2AP Samoa in 1949

WIRELESS waves have taken Samoa by storm. Radio 2AP, non-existent a year ago and established by the late Major E. Lloyd, formerly of 2YZ Napier, ranks as one of the achievements of the New Zealand administration in Samoa. On any of the five nights a week on which 2AP is on the air, from village to village throughout Samoa, at least two-thirds of the inhabitants are listening.

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Chairman's Message

The ruthless passage of time means that showcasing heritage & history needs continual reinventing to stay relevant.

Take radio broadcasting of the 1930-1950 era.

HCJB 1951

HCJB 1951

Assume someone was just 20 years old in 1950 to have been involved [other than being a listener] in broadcasting, and basic math tells us that person is now 83 years old, 93 if they were 20 in 1940 and 103 if they were 20 in 1930.......

And only if they're even still alive and with us...... statistically, most of them simply aren't any more.

If they are, a significant number are now unable to physically get around the house or the neighborhood easily, have restricted financial means, and simply don't have internet access.

Sadly, they're a critical but now fading group for a memorabilia project like ours.

Move along a generation to their children, now aged between 63-83. Still some life left in this group yet, which now includes the first baby boomers as well. The links to the past are getting weaker, but in some ways, they represent the second golden period of radio through the 1950's, and bring a new range of interest, involvement, memories and engagement to this project.

Manila 1961 DZAS + SW transmitters

Manila 1961 DZAS + SW transmitters

Then, the grandchildren of our 20 year old generation from 1950...... now aged 43-63 and struggling with life today, sandwiched between care needing parents and their own children [and their grandchildren] in tough economic times.

How does a project like ours, which covers radio from the 1920's up to today, remain relevant to different generations all with different experiences and expectations, and interests?

As a web based project, we can probably move faster than a museum or archive full of locked away artifacts.

We also know that some of the 20 year old folks from 1950 still hold and express strong views about radio in their day, and do what they can to encourage us. Their children also have memories of a strong influence of radio in their popular culture of life, and browse our hundreds of features.

AWA Sydney 2CH Tower c1960

AWA Sydney 2CH Tower c1960

>From our research and our Facebook page we know most of our supporters, those who engage with us, those who make a donation of money, time and materials from time to time are actually aged about 45-65.......... with some spillover over to 65-75 and under to 35-45.......... so we wish to acknowledge these hard pressed folks in particular for finding some time to honor the past and remember their parents generation, and contribute to a project that one of our visitors from India has described 'as an encyclopedia'............

Encyclopedias are fast becoming dinosaurs of today's information age, along with museum artifacts and physical storage facilities so I hope you'll agree we need to continue telling more stories, stories based on sound and accurate knowledge of the facts.............and I hope you'll find ways to keep us relevant, accurate, honest and inclusive as we move towards our first 10 years online......and no matter what your age, memories or means.

Thank you for trusting us to share your stories and memories.

David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
The Global Radio Memories Project
An independent non-profit made possible thanks to a core group of supporters all over the world who like what we do.
Will you join them today?

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Iron Curtain Europe Radio

Share your own memories of Iron Curtain Europe Radio

Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, USSR [Bielorussia, Estonia, Karelia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, RSFSR, Ukraine] Yugoslavia

kc/Mc Station Country Location
155 Radio Moscow 1 USSR Moscow, RSFSR
173 Radio Moscow 1 USSR Moscow, RSFSR
185 Deutschlandsender East Germany Berlin
200 Radio Moscow II USSR Moscow, RSFSR
209 Radio Kiev I USSR Kiev, Ukraine
227 Polskie Radio Poland Warsaw
  Warsaw Calling Poland Warsaw
236 Radio Leningrad I USSR Leningrad, RSFSR
  Radio Moscow 1 USSR Moscow, RSFSR
272 Radio Praha II Czechoslovakia Praha
281 Radio Minsk USSR Minsk, Bielorussia
385 Radio Charkov USSR Charkov, Ukraine

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Nordic Europe Radio

Share your own memories of Nordic Europe Radio

Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Svalbard

kc/Mc Station Country Location
155 Norsk Rikskringkasting Norway Tromso
182 TFU Iceland Reykjavik
  Sveriges Radio Sweden Lulea
191 Sveriges Radio Sweden Motala
218 Norsk Rikskringkasting Norway Oslo
245 Danmarks Radio I Denmark Kalundborg
254 Suomen Yleisradio Finland Lathi
420 Sveriges Radio Sweden Ostersund
433 Suomen Yleisradio Finland Oulu
520 Suomen Yleisradio Finland Joensuu
  Norsk Rikskringkasting Norway Hamar
557 Suomen Yleisradio Finland Helsinki 1
593 Sveriges Radio Sweden Sundsvall
611 TFE Iceland Eidar
629 Norsk Rikskringkasting Norway Vigra

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 North Asia Radio

Share your own memories of North Asia Radio

China, Formosa, Hong Kong, Indo-China, South Korea, Macau, Mongolia, USSR [Russian Far East, Siberia] and currently excludes North Korea and AFRS South Korea.

kc Station Country Location
182 Radio Moscow USSR Novosbirsk, Siberia
227 Radio Moscow USSR Irkutsk, Siberia
236 Radio Moscow USSR Yakutsk, Siberia
263 Radio Moscow USSR Krasnojarsk, Siberia
560 HLKA South Korea Seoul
570 CPBS China South West China
  HLKF South Korea Iri
600 HLKQ South Korea Chungju
  HLKO South Korea Masan
640 CPBS China Peking

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Canada AM Radio

Share your own memories of Canadian Radio

kc Call Location Province
540 CBK Watrous SK
550 CKPG Prince George BC
  CFNB Fredericton NB
  CHLN Three Rivers PQ
560 CJKL Kirkland Lake ON
  CFRA Ottawa ON
570 CJEM Edmunston NB
580 CKCH Edmonton AB
  CKY Winnipeg MB
  CJFX Antigonish NS
  CKPR Fort Williams ON
  CFCL Timmins ON

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Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Philippines AM/SW Radio

Share your own memories of Philippines Radio

kc Call/Brand Location Owner
580 DZBB Manila The Republic Broadcasting System
600 DYRC Voice of Cebu Cebu City Cebu Broadcasting Company
650 DZRH Voice of the Philippines Manila Manila Broadcasting Company
680 DZAS Manila Far East Broadcasting Company
710 DZFM Manila The Peoples Station
760 DZMB Voice of Manila Manila Manila Broadcasting Company
800 DZPI Manila Philippine Broadcasting Corporation
840 DYSR Damaguete City Silliman University
860 DZST Manila University of Santo Tomas

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Middle East / Central Asia Radio

Share your own memories of Middle East / Central Asia Radio

kc Call/Brand Country Location
Longwave [LW] 
182 TAR Radio Ankara Turkey Ankara
191 Radio Tbilisi USSR Tbilisi, Georgian SSR
218 Radio Baku USSR Baku, Azerbaijan SSR
254 Radio Tashkent USSR Tashkent, Uzbek SSR
272 Radio Alma Ata USSR Alma Ata, Kazakh SSR
400 Radio Tashkent USSR Tashkent, Uzbek SSR
Mediumwave [AM] 
575 4XB36 Kol Israel Israel Tel Aviv
602 SBS Syria Damascus
606 [British] Forces Broadcasting Service Cyprus Lakatamia
611 Radio Frunze USSR Frunze, Kirghiz SSR
629 Radio Pakistan Pakistan Peshawar
635 Near East Arab Broadcasting Station Cyprus Sharq al Adna
652.1 4XB47 Kol Israel Israel Tel Aviv

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Africa SW Radio

Share your own memories of African Radio

kHz Call/Brand Country Location
3205 FIQA Radio Tananarive Madagascar Tananarive
3251 Radio Dar es Salaam Tanganyika Trust Territory Dar es Salaam
3290 SABC Union of South Africa Johannesburg
3318 FIQA Radio Tananarive Madagascar Tananarive
3320 SRBC Southern Rhodesia Salisbury
3340 Kampala Broadcasting Station Uganda Protectorate Kampala
3356 SABC Springbok Radio Union of South Africa Johannesburg
3370 SABC Union of South Africa Johannesburg
3380 Radio St Denis Reunion St Denis
3390 OQ2AC Radio College Belgian Congo Elisabethville
3420 CR6RK Radio Clube do Sul Angola Angola Lobito

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Africa AM Radio

Share your own memories of African Radio

kHz Call/Brand Country Location
548 SABC Springbok Radio Union of South Africa Johannesburg W
557 SABC Union of South Africa Cape Town
566 SABC Union of South Africa Pietermaritzburg
572.5 SBS Radio Omdurman Anglo-Egyptian Condominium of Sudan Khartoum
575 PAR3 Pan American Broadcasting System Tangier International Zone Tangier
584 SRBC Southern Rhodesia Salisbury
593 SABC Union of South Africa Grahamstown
602 SABC Union of South Africa Durban
611 Radio Maroc Morocco Sebaa-Ayoun
  SRBC Southern Rhodesia Bulawayo
620 ESB Egypt Cairo
  SABC Union of South Africa Bloemfontein
624 Radio St Denis Reunion St Denis

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Caribbean AM/SW Radio

Barbados, Bermuda, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago and excluding Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti

Share your own memories of Caribbean Radio

kHz Call/Brand Country Location
550 WPAB Puerto Rico Ponce
580 WKAQ Puerto Rico San Juan
658 Radio Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Basse-Terre
670 ZQI Radio Jamaica Jamaica Kingston
680 WAPA Puerto Rico San Juan
710 WKJB Puerto Rico Mayaguez
722 PJC2 Juliana Zender Netherlands Antilles Willemstad, Curacao
740 WIAC Puerto Rico Santurce

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Caribbean FM Radio

Hurricance Gilbert 1988

Belize, Bermuda, French Guiana, Guyana, Surinam, Caribbean excluding Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti

Share your own memories of Caribbean Radio

MHz Call/Brand Country Location
88.1 DBC Dominica Broadcasting Service Dominica Roseau
  WCRP Puerto Rico Guayama
88.3 Friends FM Belize Punta Gorda
88.5 WKVN-FM Puerto Rico Levittown
88.7 WPRT Radio Turks & Caicos Islands Providenciales
88.9 Friends FM Belize Ladyville

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Caribbean AM/SW Radio

Hurricance Gilbert 1988

Belize, Bermuda, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama Canal Zone, Surinam, Caribbean excluding Cuba, Dominican Republic & Haiti

Share your own memories of Caribbean Radio

kHz Call/Brand Country Location
535 Radio Grenada Grenada St.George’s
550 RJR The Supreme Sound Jamaica Montego Bay
  WPAB Puerto Rico Ponce
555 ZIZ St.Kitts & Nevis Basseterre, St.Kitts
560 GBC Channel Two Guyana Georgetown
  New Radio Company of Jamaica Jamaica Kingston
580 RJR The Supreme Sound Jamaica Galina
  WKAQ Puerto Rico San Juan
595 DBC Dominica Broadcasting Service Dominica Roseau
600 WAEL Puerto Rico Mayaguez
  SRS Surinam Paramaribo

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia FM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of Australian FM Radio

Frequency Call Location Owner
89.3 4CRB Gold Coast Gold Coast Christian & Community Broadc Assoc
91.5 4MKt Airlie Beach Wesgo Communications Pty Ltd
92.1 5ABC-FM Adelaide ABC-FM
92.1 6UVS Perth Universities Radio Ltd
92.1 7THE Hobart Hobart FM Inc
92.3 2MCE Bathurst Mitchell College of Advanced Education
92.5 2NCR Lismore Northern Rivers College Of Advanced Education
92.5 3ABC-FM Maryborough ABC-FM

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Western Australia AM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of Western Australia Radio

Frequency Call Location Owner
540 6DL Dalwallinu ABC Regional Radio
558 6WA Wagin ABC Regional Radio
567 6MN Newman ABC Regional Radio
  6PN Pannawonica ABC Regional Radio
  6PU Paraburdoo ABC Regional Radio
  6TP Tom Price ABC Regional Radio

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia South Australia/NT AM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of South Australia/NT Radio

Frequency Call Location   Owner
531 5UV Adelaide   Radio 5UV University of Adelaide
639 5CK Port Pirie   ABC Regional Radio
657 8DR Darwin NT ABC Regional Radio
675 8KN Katherine NT ABC Regional Radio
684 8TC Tennant Creek NT ABC Regional Radio
693 5SY Streaky Bay   ABC Regional Radio

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Queensland AM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of Queensland Radio

Frequency Call Location Owner
531 4KZ Innisfail Coastal Broadcasters Pty Ltd
540 4QL Longreach ABC Regional
558 4AM Mareeba Far Northern Radio Pty Ltd
  4GY Gympie Wesgo Communications Pty Ltd
567 4JK Julia Creek ABC Regional
603 4CH Charleville ABC Regional
612 4QR Brisbane ABC Metropolitan
630 4QN Townsville ABC Regional

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Victoria/Tasmania AM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of Victoria/Tasmania Radio

Frequency Call Location   Owner
531 3UL Warragul  Associated Broadcasting Services Ltd
540 7SD Scottsdale TAS North East Tasmania Radio Broadcasters Pty Ltd
558 7BU Burnie TAS Burnie Broadcasting Services Pty Ltd
594 3WV Horsham  ABC Regional
603 7ZL Hobart TAS ABC Radio National
621 3AR Melbourne  ABC Radio National

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Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia ACT/NSW AM Radio

Australia Bicentennial Medal
Share your own memories of ACT/NSW Radio

Frequency Call Location   Owner
531 2MC Port Macquarie  Wesgo Communications Pty Ltd
540 2CR Orange  ABC Regional
567 2BH Broken Hill  Far West Radio Pty Ltd
576 2FC Sydney  ABC Radio National
585 2WEB Bourke  Western Region Educational Broadcasting Co. Ltd
639 2CS Coffs Harbour  Commercial Radio Coffs Harbour Ltd

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Retro Radio Dial: Idaho

Grown in Idaho

© Idaho Potato

Share your own memories of Idaho Radio

Frequency Call Location Owner
540 KBRV Soda Springs JC Wallentine
580 KFXD Nampa Fletcher-Mitchell Corporation
590 KID Idaho Falls Idaho Broadcasting Corporation
620 KWAL Wallace Metals Broadcasting Company
630 KIDO Boise Mesabi Western Corporation

 > read more

Retro Radio Dial: Texas

Jeanne Armacker - Miss Texas 1963

Jeanne Armacker
Miss Texas 1963

Share your own memories of Texas Radio

Frequency Call Location Owner
550 KTSA San Antonio Sunshine Broadcasting Company
560 KFDM Beaumont Beaumont Broadcasting Corporation
570 WBAP Fort Worth Carter Publications Inc
  WFAA Dallas AH Belo Corporation
580 KDAV Lubbock Western Broadcasting Company
590 KTBC Austin LBJ Company
600 KERB Kermit Radio Station KERB Inc
  KROD El Paso Southwest States Inc
  KTBB Tyler Blackstone Broadcasting Company

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Regional Advisory Groups

Join the team today!

Through 2013 and 2014, join us and help plan the growth of the project as it expands into new parts of the world! Join one of these Regional Advisory Groups and be a key part of the Co-operative Global Radio Memories Project.

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2013 New Year Message

This global co-operative project is made possible thanks to the generosity of a growing number of people who think it’s a good idea to keep radio memories alive.

The idea was born over 10 years ago, and this website went live just after the big Asian tsunami in 2004 and over the years has grown organically.

Almost 60,000 visitors stopped by last year, or about 165 people every day on average. That’s a lot of responsibility to keep things updated, accurate and family friendly.

Base FM

© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection, 2004

Where do people live? The Top 15 visitor cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington, Christchurch, London UK, Canberra, Hobart, Hamilton NZ, Cranbourne [Melbourne], New Delhi and Los Angeles.

It costs A$407 a week to meet the existing operational costs of the Radio Heritage Foundation, and this will be capped for the next 5 years. No-one gets paid for their time or skills. The idea is also to achieve the split funding of these costs as voluntary donations [35%] and commercial sponsors & partners [65%] so access to the community resource of the website stays free.

Since 2004, two board members have mortgaged their own home to pay most of these operational costs and meet their daily living expenses, but the project has now matured enough for this burden to be shared by those who care enough for it to continue. Every one is a volunteer and acknowledged on the Roll of Honor.

The project is based in New Zealand, and receives no government funding or grants, and no financial support from the radio industry anywhere in the world. Radio heritage is interconnected and global, no single station, city, state or country project can tell the full story. This is why this project initially covers the Asia and Pacific region, and over time will expand to include North, Central & South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Radio waves know no borders.

Happy Station

© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

As a true global co-operative, volunteers are based in several countries, donations of funds and memorabilia come from countless countries, board members are in Asia, Europe, North America and the Pacific, and visitors come to learn from all over the world, the top 5 countries being Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK and India, followed by Canada, Japan, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

People come for memories and nostalgia reasons, to study genealogy, to consult the growing number of radio guides and to learn about popular culture, personalities and how the media has developed in peace and at war and across the generations and the century since the 1920’s.

This year, a new Pay it Forward category allows people to pay for the next 10-40 people who visit the site as a gift to others. Each visit costs about 0.50c in operational costs to service, not everyone can afford to pay or wants to pay for just one or two visits, so this option fits with the co-operative approach started almost 10 years ago and everyone who uses the site benefits from this community gifting model.

Radio Kiritimati

© Radio Heritage Foundation Digital Collection

Through 2013, look for the new ’25 Years Ago’ series which turns the spotlight on radio in 1988, expansion of the various radio guides, a new series with a focus on over 200 pioneer broadcasters in Australia, and more contributions and columns from interesting people with fascinating radio stories and tales to share.

Through the year and behind the scenes, a growing team is working on designing and building the new website scheduled for launch in January 2014, the 10th anniversary of this global project going on-line. At the back end will be an immense interactive archival database of sounds, pictures, words and documents and at the front end you’ll see a fresh, clean magazine style look to showcase features, services and make things easier to find.

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January 2013

TinTin Blue Lotus

© Casterman

Phoenix Islands Protected Area

We support the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, home of WXLE Radio on Canton [Kanton] Island in what is now Kiribati, and which was formerly in the Anglo-American Condominium of Canton & Enderbury Islands 1939-1979.

We recommend their new fundraiser book ‘Underwater Eden: Saving the Last Coral Wilderness on Earth’

which features material from the Radio Heritage Foundation Collection.

For our features on Canton Island, see Hermit Crab Network, WXLE Radio 1385 and WXLE Memories in the AFRS Radio Memories series and our Long Lost Radio Images collection.

Voice of Peace - Mediterranean Radio Memories

Voice of Peace


Looking back now upon the near vanished "frequency" of my youth; through filtered static, "The Voice of Peace" radio ship hauls into view, mist shrouded as memory. A ghost ship.

But in 1979, broadcasting "Somewhere In The Mediterranean" out of the Port of Jaffa, Israel – this was an adventure waiting to happen to a young broadcaster. I had not yet turned 30.

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Radio JAFA Auckland

All I hear is Radio JAFA

Edward Rooney

Auckland has more radio stations than any other city - and we're intensely loyal to our favourites. Edward Rooney tunes in.

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New Plymouth Boys Dig Radio from Gully

School radio gets too close for comfort


A few teething problems have forced Taranaki's newest radio station to change its frequency for broadcasting.

Gully FM, run by pupils at New Plymouth Boys' High School, went live to air last week but found it was interrupting a nearby station that is forcing it to change channel.

New Plymouth Boys High School

In the Gully, New Plymouth Boys High School
© New Plymouth Boys High School

Gully FM mastermind and year 13 pupil Sam Adlam said a radio station near the school was not picked up when the pupils chose their 88.0 FM frequency.

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All Noise All The Time from AFM Auckland

Radio bleep bleep


Chris Cudby turns on the radio in the basement-level of an old tie factory and a series of discordant bleeps seep out of the speakers.

AFM manager Chris Cudby

TUNE IN: AFM manager Chris Cudby says the new radio station will help expose independent musicians to a global audience.

"Quite a lot of stuff we play is experimental or noise music, so that's actually what it's supposed to sound like," the AFM station manager explains.

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Paekakariki FM Has Live Bird Calls

Station heard all over world


Whether in Paris, New York, Paraparaumu or Paekakariki, people can tune in to the new Paekakariki FM.

The community radio station on 88.2FM started two weeks ago, and can be heard in Paekakariki on radio, or streaming online anywhere.

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Lyall Bay School Radio Maranui FM

Lyall Bay kids relish roles on radio


Maranui FM's DJs are charming and articulate, have local knowledge and varied musical tastes - and they are only 9 to 11 years old.

Announcer Lilly Gentile

On air: Announcer Lilly Gentile is one of 40 year 5 and 6 pupils at Lyall Bay School who work shifts at radio station Maranui FM.

And thanks to the station going digital this year, proud Lyall Bay School parents can tune in to hear their budding Swampy Marshes and Polly Gillespies from anywhere.

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Richmond View School Radio Zestoboom

Junior DJs take to airwaves
Zestoboom, Zestoblat! and Zestobling

Richmond View School in Blenheim has been making its presence felt on the airwaves, through pupil-run radio station Radio Zestoboom! since the beginning of the year.

The station, at 88.7 FM, is broadcast out of a classroom, has a transmission of up to one kilometre and a known group of dedicated listeners - the rest of the school and a few parents.

Richmond View School pupils

Radio zest: Richmond View School pupils, Isaac Neal, Emma Foster, both year 6, and year 8 Hannah Braddick do a lunchtime broadcast on the school’s radio station Radio Zestoboom!

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Maniapoto FM Voice of the King Country Turns 21

maniapoto fm


Mfm, Te Reo Irirangi o Maniapoto, is run by a trust and its purpose is to promote and sustain Maori culture and Maori values throughout the King Country on its four frequencies: Waitomo 99.6FM, Piopio 92.7FM, Rereahu 91.8FM, and Waipa 106FM.

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Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Paddy O'Donnell

Renowned radio veteran Paddy O'Donnell dies


One of New Zealand's best-known broadcasters and colourful radio personalities has died.

Paddy O'Donnell, 65, had a career spanning more than 40 years in radio in New Zealand and Australia, as well as stints compering television series, including Top Town.

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DJ Bobby is new on Blue

DJ wants more folk to use radio


Bob Mawer

Bob Mawer is the newest voice on Kaikoura's radio Blue FM

With his velvet voice and love of music, Bob Mawer seems to have been made for a job on the radio.

But although he certainly sounds the part, he has only recently taken up the challenge of hosting his own radio show.

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Free Fijian on Free FM

Listeners from around the world


Peni Seru

ON THE AIR: Peni Seru, presenter of Fijian language programme Bogi ni Taukei on Hamilton’s Free FM 89 radio station which relaunched today, thinks he would not be allowed home.

Peni Seru takes a few minutes to compose himself. I've just asked the presenter of Bogi ni Taukei, a Fijian language programme broadcast on Hamilton community access radio station Free FM 89, how his discussion of the Fijian Government on his show has affected his family.

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Reporter Guest DJ at Port FM Ashburton

A guest radio star is born

Mid Canterbury Herald reporter John Hobbs took on the weekly challenge this week as a guest announcer on Port FM Ashburton.

This week I got to dabble in the world of radio after Port FM DJ Bex Carr asked me to be a guest on her morning show – although this meant I had to be up bright and early, which is always a challenge.

I got to the studio and made my way to Bex's lair, where I was armed with a highlighter and a sheet of celebrity gossip snippets to read on air.

Mid Canterbury Herald reporter John Hobbs

Getting ready: John goes through the gossip list before going on air.

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Iwi Radio Tainui Spots Talent in Ngaruawahia

95.4 - Radio Tainui in Ngaruawhaia


Patara Berryman

"I believe locals need a voice and I think Auckland will miss a lot of that." - Patara Berryman, Breakfast radio announcer.
Photo: MARK TAYLOR/Waikato Times

There're birthday shoutouts to do and Te Reo cheats on the whiteboard near the signed picture of Rick Dees, but Huntly-born, bred and living Patara Berryman doesn't need any of that. He needs the Waikato Times and makes a desperate bid for it from under a pile of stuff as the song is ending...

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Kia Ora Access Manawatu

Concert treat


Lisa Check, from Kia Ora FM, and Fraser Greig, from Access Manawatu

THE POWER OF TWO: Kia Ora FM and Access Manawatu are organising Monday's Waitangi Day concert in The Square. Pictured are Lisa Check, from Kia Ora FM, and Fraser Greig, from Access Manawatu.

This year's Waitangi Day concert in The Square is a classic case of ebony and ivory.

Kia Ora FM and Access Manawatu have joined forces to organise the free family event.

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Sounds FM Christchurch Silenced

Fine for 'interfering' with air traffic control frequency

A Christchurch man who ran a hobby radio station has been fined $4000 and had his equipment confiscated after boosting its power interfered with an air traffic control frequency.

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Wadsworth, Womad & 107.6 FM

Helper a total fan of festival


Denis Wadsworth

Denis Wadsworth has been volunteering at Womad for years.

One of Denis Wadsworth's favourite sounds at Womad is the roar of generators as the festival cranks into action.

The volunteer is one of the first on the scene on the opening day, usually turning up at 6.30am.

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Keri Country FM

Radio repertoire

Sandy Myhre

Malcolm Hay

The multi-tasking Malcolm Hay of KeriKeri - radio station owner, broadcaster, advertising sales person and technical expert - speaking to his public from his basement.

It is Christmas Day in 2010 and in a suburban home on a lateral road not far from the Stone Store in Kerikeri there is great excitement. A present has been delivered to the Hay household but it's not one to be found under the Christmas tree wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow. It will, however, greatly change the life of the recipient.

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Phil Digs River City Dagsy FM

Creative job seeker takes to airwaves

Aaron van Delden

Phil Hyde

DO IT YOURSELF: Phil Hyde hopes his newly established radio station will provide him with a full-time career, after almost two years without a job.

Phil Hyde has been job hunting for almost two years.

The 43-year-old was made redundant from his position at Cartridge World in Upper Hutt in February 2010. Except for a two-month stint as a shuttle driver in Wellington during April and May in 2011, he has remained unemployed.

But rather than despair about not being able to find a job, Mr Hyde is trying to create his own.

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Ranfurly Radio Burn729

Radio station burns through the years


Burn729 logo

Burn729 logo © Burn729

A celebration will be held in Ranfurly this weekend to mark the 20th year on the airwaves for the area's sole radio station.

Burn 729AM station manager Quentin McIntosh said reaching the 20th year milestone was huge for the independently owned station.

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2ZA Heritage Vinyl Collection Found in Levin

Sound investment


More than 700 pieces of Palmerston North broadcast history have been unearthed from a basement in Levin.

Palmerston North record collector Paul Foote

IN A SPIN: Palmerston North record collector Paul Foote got little vinyl lights in his eyes when an 80-year-old from Levin told him he had more than 700 records in his basement.

Record collector Paul Foote said an 80-year-old man in Levin responded to a newspaper advertisement he had placed, asking for vinyls for his collection.

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