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From David's Desk

16 March 2005

Volunteers boost projects

image of 2CH Sydney Ad

1952 advert for 2CH Sydney found in early radio industry magazine.
(Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation)

As a global on-line project, our lifeblood is the support of volunteers and others who send us radio heritage items.

In the past few days, we've received a 30 year collection of radio magazines and several boxes of other radio memorabilia; a large package of radio station car stickers dating from the late 1960's, top 40 charts from as far back as 1965 and access to a large on-line collection of images from a small Pacific island radio station.

As well, we've had offers of first hand stories from former broadcasters in Batavia (now Jakarta) and Sydney, and supporters have spent hours researching old magazines to find information about Pacific radio in 1944-1945, old radio station adverts from the 1930's, early Shanghai radio station histories and much more.

There's a lot going on 'behind the scenes' as more people find out about how they can help 'tell the stories of Pacific radio'.

Volunteers Needed

image of 'Cool Blue' 96.1 FM

Short-lived 'Cool Blue' 96.1 FM in Auckland, an example of contemporary radio heritage
(David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation)

You'll find a list of some of the positions we'd like to fill to help move the projects along here. If you're interested in any of these, or have any questions about what's involved please contact us.

You can live anywhere in the world to participate in this global on-line project, and your contribution, big or small, may just be the breakthrough needed. Contact us today if you've got a few hours to spare and be part of a growing international team.

Today's broadcasters can help too

image of Olga Keil at K-LITE

Radio Polynesia's Olga Keil in the Apia studios of K-LITE. This Samoan network contributed a large CD collection of jingles.
(Radio Heritage Foundation)

We're not just shining the light on the past. Today's broadcasters can contribute with contemporary radio stories, news and views. Become a 'radio heritage champion' at your radio station. Collect jingles, promotional items, car stickers, photos and other bits and pieces that help tell the story of your station.

If you're training to be a DJ or work in radio, and need to do some study papers, ask your lecturers if you can include a topic about radio history. We can help with information and publish your work on-line, including images and audio. It's easy. Contact us today.

So many ways you can participate

image of Radio Japan QSL Card 1954

Radio Japan listener card sent in 1954, typical of those recently donated.
(Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation)

From sending us story ideas, to copies of photos and images, articles about your time in radio, magazine scans, jingles, air check cassettes or CD's, car stickers, top 40 charts, station publications, the list is almost unlimited.

Look at our list of volunteers needed, and Contact us today if you'd like to participate. Claim your free membership and we'll keep you in touch with the latest news about Pacific radio. Check out these free benefits and join our growing list of readers and supporters. There's no obligation!
image of PHOHI 1936

PHOHI was the Dutch broadcaster to the East Indies, 1936. An American student wrote a research paper on this station after contacting us.
(Eric Shackle Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation)

Keep those 'cards, letters and emails' rolling in, and we'll respond as fast as we can. Your volunteer time will help us respond even faster!

Search for Pacific's Oldest 'Top 10' Music List

image of 6KY Perth chart

6KY Perth chart.
Frank Merrill Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The search is on for the Pacific's oldest 'Top 10' music list, those lists of the top records of the day which many radio stations produced.

Sometimes these appeared in local newspapers or magazines. More often, stations issued their own 'Sound Survey', 'Official Top 30', 'Space Age 40' ,'Pink Page Pics', the list is endless.

image of 4RO Rockhampton chart

4RO Rockhampton chart.
David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

On October 11 1965, 6KY Perth issued its 'Top Popper Survey' with 'What's New Pussycat' by Tom Jones at #1; on May 10 1970, Rockhampton's 4RO 'Fabulous Forty' named 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon & Garfunkel as #1, and Honolulu's KKUA ranked 'Boogie Fever' by the Silvers as #1 in the Aloha state on May 24, 1976.

In 1946, Sydney's 2CH broadcast the '2CH Hit Parade'from 2-5pm every Saturday afternoon, compered by Bob Pollard.

image of KKUA Honolulu chart

KKUA Honolulu chart.
David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Have you got old radio station surveys and charts? Newspaper clippings with 'Top 10' lists or similar? 1960's. 1950's. 1940's. 1930's. 1920's?

Email us about the oldest chart you've got or others special to you. Scanned copies very welcome. Have originals you'd like to see placed in safekeeping? Just contact us with details.

Car Stickers Keep Sticking Around

image of 4XO Radio Otago, Dunedin decal

4XO Radio Otago, Dunedin decal (recently rebranded MORE FM).
Brian Webb Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

I remember driving along the San Diego Freeway in Los Angeles in the late 1980's, and passing a Morris Minor car covered in Radio Hauraki, Radio Waikato, 4XO, Radio Avon and other New Zealand radio decals. I nearly crashed into the car in front whilst doing a double take!

image of Radio Windy, Wellington decal

Radio Windy, Wellington decal.
Brian Webb Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

They're still everywhere today. Recently, we've had some good collections handed into us, and we'll share some early examples from 4XO (flipped to MORE FM recently), Radio Windy (blown away years ago) and Radio U (still around as RDU in Christchurch).

image of Radio U, Christchurch decal

Radio U, Christchurch decal.
David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Have you got old car decals you'd like to send to a new home? Contact us today. Add more content and images to the on-line archive project.

Wherever in the Pacific you are -
Santiago de Chile, Sydney, Singapore, Seattle, Suva or Shanghai.....
your scanned copies or originals are very welcome!

3ZB Transmitter Building

Read the results of the radio community meeting last month and the background paper on plans to save the 1937 original 3ZB transmitter building in Christchurch, New Zealand.

image of 3ZB Christchurch decal

3ZB Christchurch decal.
Brian Webb Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Got radio heritage sites in your area? Write to us with details so we can add them to our radio heritage site register.

Again, no matter where you are around the Pacific, your email with information can make a difference. Radio heritage can be lost overnight.

Even More MORE FM in New Zealand

Canadian owned Canwest RadioWorks continues to close down local heritage radio stations in New Zealand and rebrand them as MORE FM or other radio brands.

image of 89FM Gisborne logo

89FM Gisborne logo.
David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Latest casualties are 89FM in Gisborne which becomes MORE FM and 96FM in the same city which flips to The Edge. Also in Gisborne, independent Surf City Radio which franchised two Canwest brands has sold the frequencies outright to RadioWorks.

CEO Brent Impey says 'This is another strategic acquisition by the company that strengthens our national profile in radio.'

We asked RadioWorks if they'd support a plan to preserve and promote the memories on-line of the more than 20 local radio heritage stations they've rebranded since Christmas. We're still waiting to hear from them.

More Pacific Radio Heritage Documentaries

Radio New Zealand International recently broadcast two more 20 minute documentaries about Pacific radio.

Radio Polynesia in Apia, Samoa featured in early February, with jingles from Magik FM, Talofa FM, K-LITE and K-ROCK, an exclusive interview with Corey Keil the network manager and much more.

image of Talofa FM magazine advert

Talofa FM magazine advert, Apia, Samoa.
David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Later in the same month, Radio Sunshine from Niue was the feature station, with lots of jingles, local airchecks, another exclusive interview, this time with Patrick Lino the station manager, and the history of radio on Niue.

Both programs continue a series running since 2004 on RNZI's shortwave service and are produced by the Radio Heritage Foundation. An audio-on-demand version of the series is planned soon.

Hits and Memberships

Since going live on December 23 2004, this new website has averaged around 1500 visits a month and some 40,000 hits have been recorded on our growing number of pages and images.

image of logo
Our special thanks to for hosting us and helping us grow to handle ever increasing traffic. We're still in soft launch mode, and there's plenty more coming down the pipeline. Please tell your friends and colleagues about us, and about 'the clueful people' at 2day.

Remember, claim your free membership. Membership has its benefits, including our newsletter, volunteer priority, and much more. Why miss out on the latest in Pacific radio news? Do it now and stay informed.

New Guide Series Launches

The first in our major on-line guide series with search capability is about to launch. Watch this space! It's as big as the whole Pacific!

Links are Lovely

Like the website,the virtual on-line archive project and our stories about Pacific radio? Please link to us or mention us on your website so others can enjoy our content.

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