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Apna 990AM Auckland
Four Years on the Airwaves

By JUSTIN LATIF - Western Leader

image of Shaiyaz Mohammed

Shaiyaz Mohammed Apna 990AM.
© JUSTIN LATIF/Western Leader

Morning radio jockey Shaiyaz Mohammed doesn't mind getting up at 4.30am to do the job he loves.

The Apna 990 general manager hosts the radio station's breakfast show and has been with the media company since its inception.

The station, which broadcasts on the frequency 990AM, celebrates its fourth birthday this month and Shaiyaz says it's been an exciting time.  > read more

Blue Skies FM
Central community radio goes off air

The Southland Times

image of Mike Bain

Mike Bain.
© JOANNE CARROLL/The Southland Times

Alexandra's only independently owned radio station is going off air.

Blue Skies FM will have its final broadcast on Tuesday and become RadioWorks' easy-listening radio station the Breeze from Wednesday.  > read more

One Christian Radio set to rock the airwaves

Taranaki Daily News

image of James Cope

One Christian Radio Managing Director James Cope looks forward to involving the community in the new station.
© CAMERON BURNELL/Taranaki Daily News

James Cope is bringing his faith to New Plymouth airwaves.

The Ohio native and the Taranaki Christian Media Trust began broadcasts from their One Christian Radio station in late August, but plan to get bigger.
 > read more

Southside FM
From Chris' Garage to the Airwaves

By IMOGEN NEALE - Manukau Courier

image of Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett's low power radio station broadcasts from his garage.
© SHANE WENZLICK/Manukau Courier

When Papatoetoe man Chris Bennett didn't like what he heard on the radio he decided to do something about it.

But rather than just switching stations, he took things a few steps further and started his own.
 > read more

Hospital Radio Timaru

By BETHANY MARETT - The Timaru Herald

image of Hospital Radio 88.1 FM presenters

Hospital Radio 88.1 FM presenters entertain the audience with a skit entitled 'Snow White and the Several Dwarfs' at the stations' 20th anniversary celebrations in the Woodlands Church Hall.
© NATASHA MARTIN/Timaru Herald

Hosptal Radio celebrated 20 years yesterday with the biggest crowd yet to its annual gathering.

About 135 people turned up to the Woodlands Rd Church Hall for the variety concert, which was put together by the station's announcers.

DJ Allan Stewart kept the crowd entertained with quick-witted stories, and the final skit of the day, entitled `Snow White and the several dwarfs', had everyone laughing in their seats.  > read more

ZMAP Apia, Samoa
An Alan Roycroft Station

The Opportunity

image of Samoan beach

ZMAP was well heard in and around Apia. This typical beach scene is just to the north of the capital.
© David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

As part of the preparations for civilian air service from Fiji to the Cook Islands shortly after World War II, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) installed communications and radar services. I was involved with this work in Samoa, Tonga and Rarotonga, and, while in Apia, I decided to start up a radio station.

Although we had 5kW transmitters out at the Faleolo Airfield, we usually lost our telephone line to Apia because residents on the road to Apia had a more pressing need of wire to hold down their fale (local style house) roofs.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

KHBC Hilo 1936

We recently ran a competition celebrating 50 years of Hawaiian statehood. Readers were asked a number of questions about KHBC Hilo as featuring in our Art of Radio Hawaii Exhibition.

One reader sent us this photo of the original KHBC transmitter which still lives in Hilo thanks to Buddy Gordon of the new KHBC AM 1060.  > read more

Access Manawatu 999AM
10 Years On Air

Manawatu Standard

image of broadcasters and supporters of Access Manawatu

AIRWAVES: The broadcasters and supporters of Access Manawatu toast their first decade on air.
© SAM BAKER/Manawatu Standard.

Ten years on, and this radio station team hasn't let anything get it down.

Supporters of community-run station Access Manawatu yesterday raised their glasses to a decade of bringing the "voice of the people" to Palmerston North.

In a speech at the festivities, station manager Fraser Greig said the station is a platform for the community voice to be heard.  > read more

Reef Radio Golden Oldies on Air

Central Leader

Eric Allen is using his love and knowledge of music to give back to his local community.

After becoming fed up with the lack of radio programmes for seniors, the 83-year-old Pt Chevalier resident decided to start his own station, Reef Radio, in 2006.
image of Eric Allen,  Reef Radio

OLD FAVOURITES: Eric Allen runs Reef Radio out of a small studio he set up at his Pt Chevalier home..
© JASON OXENHAM/Central Leader.

He now runs the station out of a small home studio 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 106.7FM.  > read more

Howick Village Radio
Voice of the People

Eastern Courier

image of Michael Rowse and Jenny Foster, Howick Village Radio

TUNED IN: Michael Rowse and Jenny Foster of Howick Village Radio say the new station will provide a valuable community service.
© FIONA GOODALL/Eastern Courier.

Eastern residents have a local voice thanks to the launch of a new radio station.

Howick Village Radio officially launched last week and promises a mix of local news, community group information, health and lifestyle features, and varied musical styles.

"We wanted something solely for the Howick community and locals to call their own, and hopefully we can make a success of the venture," says station manager Michael Rowse.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

KCCN Hawaiian Radio

KCCN Honolulu 1420 AM was one of the most popular radio stations in the Hawaiian islands. It broadcast Hawaiian music and culture and has since moved to FM where its popularity continues. > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

The Golden Umbrella

In the early 1980's, several AM stations in northern NSW and SE Queensland [Australia] established a joint sales and marketing brand called 'The Golden Umbrella'  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

WVTF Hollandia 1944

An early view of the first headquarters for the AFRS Jungle Network in WWII. WVTF was located at Hollandia in the Dutch East Indies [now part of Indonesia].  > read more

4VL - Charleville
"The Voice of the Far West"

Station 4VL is owned and controlled by the Charleville Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Alfred Street, Charleville. Studios and transmitter are situated at that address.
image of 4VL ad

4VL - Charleville
© Broadcast Year Book and Radio Listeners' Annual of Australia 1946-47.
Ray Crawford Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Since commencing operations on February 12, 1936, the policy of the station has been to maintain a position in the forefront in respect of studio presentation and programme technique and to maintain a balanced programme for Western listeners.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Isareli Racule, FBC Suva

Isareli Racule was the first head of the Fiji section, Fiji Broadcasting Commision in 1954.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Magnecorders, FBC Suva

Senior Technician Bill McMillan works a bank of Magnecorders in the main control room of the new Broadcasting House, Fiji Broadcasting Commission, Suva, Fiji in 1954.  > read more

Whitford Broadcasting Network
6PM Perth, 6AM Northam,
6KG Kalgoorlie, 6GE Geraldton

DIRECTORS: Frank Whitford, Perth (Managing), Archer Whitford, Sydney.

image of CBS QSL

Network listener card with map of WA
[Note later name change to Consolidated Broadcasting System]
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Office and Studios, St. George's House, 115 St George's Terrace, Perth.  > read more

Hear the Lights 88.1 FM

Programmer's lights flash to the music

The Press - 01.01.2009

Santa will have no trouble finding one Christchurch house this Christmas -- 6000 lights flashing to synchronised music will see to that.

Software programmer Nathan Kennedy has upped the ante for Christmas lights with a hi-tech, drive-by display in Wetlands Grove, Bexley.
image of Nathan and Tracey Kennedy

SOUND AND VISION: Nathan and Tracey Kennedy show the frequency to tune to while watching their lights
© DON SCOTT/The Press.

A neon sign tells you to tune your car radio to 88.1FM.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Women Shopping Reporters

Women announcers were often found as 'Shopping Reporters' on the 'women's hour' programs heard throughout the week on local New Zealand commercial stations in the late 1960's, early 1970's. > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

3ZB 21st Anniversary

This photo of the 3ZB Christchurch [New Zealand] staff was taken for the 21st anniversary of the station...  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Toohey's Oatmeal Stout

Toohey's Oatmeal Stout sponsored 'Mrs 'Arris and Mrs 'Iggs' an entertaining program from 2UW Sydney, Australia,  > read more

"The Voice of the Golden West"

image of Cecily Spicer 2PK

"Cecily" of the 2PK Sunshine Club

Parkes Broadcasting Co. Pty. Ltd. is the licensee of 2PK, which came on the air on October 5th 1937.

This station which is a unit of the Macquarie Network, transmits upon a wavelength of 214 metres at a frequency of 1400 kilocycles with an aerial power of 200 watts. Hours: Mondays to Fridays 7.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; 6 to 10 p.m.; Saturdays, 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sundays, 8.45 a.m. to Noon; 6 to 10 p.m.  > read more

Memories of 2UE Sydney

Author: Tom Crozier

Hi! My name is Tom Crozier, long retired from commercial radio in Australia but still interested in the business.
image of 2UE ad 1952

2UE 'Technically Tops' 1952
© Broadcasting, Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation.

 > read more

"The Voice of the North"

C. D. McCARTHY, manager of 4AY Ayr, "The Voice of the North'' exerts his influence from his town office, where his contacts make 4AY a busy station.

4AY issued this card to a listener in 1935
© Eric Shackle Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The 4AY studios are two miles from Ayr, in a spacious tree-studded estate in the richest area of the Burdekin River Delta, the heart of the Cane Fields. The building is large and well appointed. Plans are under way for a new, up-to-date studio and administrative block to be erected shortly in the town.  > read more

Making Waves in Waipu

Teen making Waves

By: Brigid Lynch - The Northern Advocate - 17.06.2006

image of Ashley Worthy

Ashley Worthy ... the glue that holds my skin on is missing.
Picture/Michael Cunningham
© The Northern Advocate

At the tender age of 19, Ashley Worthy has his own caravan, cat, flat and radio station. Not bad for a legless lad from Waipu.

Ashley is used to explaining his fused fingers, skin that looks like it's been roasted, and skinny, bandaged limbs: "The glue that holds my skin on is missing".  > read more

If You Want a Radio Station, Go For It
The Story of Radio Cindy 107.7 FM

By Ray Tombs

If You Want a Radio Station, Go for It

image of Ray Tombs and Cindy  at Sun Records, Memphis

Ray Tombs and Cindy at Sun Records, Memphis. The microphone Ray is holding is the same one used there by Elvis in the picture.
© Ray Tombs

As a child I always fancied being on the radio, playing cool music and emulating the gun DJs, right through my life it's always been a pipe dream, up until recently. With a 29 year marriage left behind me, a 62 year old solo guy can do what ever he wants if he has the money and motivation. My lovely new lady Cynthia has been an inspiration to me in getting my life on track and realising dreams.  > read more

India FM radio
Abuzz with activity

image of Big 92.7 FM promotion

Big 92.7 FM promotion
© Big 92.7 FM

The year gone by was a time when years of hard work and patience finally paid off for the radio industry in India. It was a year of intense competition, aggressive marketing and marginal creativity as private FM finally flowered in metros as well as tiny towns throughout the nation.

Even though advertising crept up only slowly, and the government continued to pussyfoot around the issue of allowing news and current affairs on private radio, the mood stayed upbeat throughout the radio industry. With phase II of FM opening up the industry for private players, there was no holding back.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Harry Millard, 2SM Sydney

Sports broadcaster Harry Millard smiles for the camera in this early photo from 2SM Sydney, Australia.  > read more

Column: Wavescan

by Adrian Peterson

Balikpapan's Oldest Continuous Radio Station

image of PHOHI Philips' Omroep Holland-Indie logo

PHOHI Philips' Omroep Holland-Indie broadcast to the Dutch East Indies. Logo 1936.
© Eric Shackle Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

The Dutch authorities at The Hague in their homeland over in Europe began an interest in the usage of wireless very early. They established a Wireless Company in 1916, they installed two spark Morse Code stations on the Dogger Banks in 1917, they made their first wireless broadcast in 1920, they installed their first wireless stations in their East Indies in 1921, and they made the first wireless communication between Holland and their colonial enterprise in Java in 1923.  > read more

Australian Radio Balikpapan

As soon as things settled down in Balikpapan, the Australian army personnel got themselves busy in the area of radio broadcasting. They began to make program broadcasts over the camp amplifier system under a pretend radio station callsign TBC, which had the probable meaning, "The Balikpapan Company".  > read more

Radio Balikpapan Kalimantan

Now, in assessing the available information, we would suggest that the Dutch colonial authorities took over both of the radio stations in Balikpapan from the Australian army...  > read more

Column: Wavescan

by Adrian Peterson

American Radio Stations in Australia - 4QR

radio history image of US Forces Broadcast From 4QR Brisbane

[L-R] Gerry De Vries, George Mattar and John G Dietrich prepare to go on the air from 4QR.
© John Dietrich Collection, courtesy Ruth Dietrich, Radio Heritage Foundation.

Here you'll find a very interesting entry regarding the American usage of a radio broadcasting station in Australia. Now, it is a well known fact down under that the New Zealand Broadcasting Service made one of its mediumwave stations available to the American forces for much of the year 1944. This station that was on loan to the American forces as part of the Mosquito Network was 1ZM in Auckland with 1 kW on 1250 kHz. However, it is not so well known that the American forces were granted the usage of a mediumwave radio station on a part time basis in Australia also. This is how it happened.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Radio Rhema Experiments

Over the Christmas - New Year period of 1976-77, Radio Rhema broadcast an experimental 10 day short-term AM program from Ferrymead Historic Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Windy Heroes of the Air

When Wellington, New Zealand, was battered by storms in December 1976, local Radio Windy 1080 AM provided superb coverage. They rented a Landrover to go to places emergency vehicles couldn't reach.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

3ZM New Year Rave 1977

3ZM 1400 AM in Christchurch, New Zealand promoted it's all night New Year's Eve Party for December 31 1976 with this cool ad in the local newspaper the day before...  > read more

Women in Radio
More than a Soap Opera

Since the early days of radio, women have found a voice.

2CH When a Girl Marries

"When a Girl Marries"
© Radio Listeners Annual 1946-47, Ray Crawford Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Sometimes as a broadcaster, sometimes as a technician, sometimes as listeners who wrote to radio stations, and more usually, as listeners lusted after by advertising agencies since the original soap operas went to air.

Originally, they also kept correspondence flowing as typists, secretaries, and filing clerks. Then they ran shopping shows, now they sometimes run radio stations, sometimes whole networks.

Some 75 years ago, KFI Los Angeles broadcast a popular show 'This is the Richfield Reporter Speaking' and Sam Hayes, the veteran reporter who provided the voice, was moved enough by a letter from a young female listener across the Pacific to send a personal note in reply.
KFI Los Angeles Sam Hayes

Sam Hayes Letter
© Hazel Edwards Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

Women in Radio - More than a Soap Opera, a new series starting here.

2MG Mudgee
"The Voice of the Tablelands"

image of 2MG Building

2MG operated from this building in 1938
© Radio 2MG Mudgee

Station 2MG, Mudgee, "The Voice of the Tablelands," owned and operated by the Mudgee Broadcasting Company Pty. Limited, is situated a mile from the chief commercial town of a very rich inner-western district of New South Wales.

Recently affiliated with the Macquarie Broadcasting Network, 2MG provides thousands of listeners with a wealth of national programmes emanating from the Macquarie Key Stations, in addition to a well balanced programme of local interest designed especially for the area served.  > read more

2BH Broken Hill
"The Voice of the Western Darling"

2BH, "The Barrier Miner" Broadcasting Service is the only station giving coverage to Broken Hill and West Darling districts under all transmitting conditions.
image of 2BH - The Voice of the Western Darling

2BH - "The Voice of the Western Darling"

Associated with 2BH is the Smilers' Club with close to 3,000 members, mostly under 16 years of age. Artists are chosen from members and with locally and nationally sponsored quiz sessions and community singing, an enjoyable afternoon is spent at a local theatre weekly; one hour of the entertainment being broadcast from 2BH.  > read more

2LT Lithgow
Macquarie's Central Western Network Station

Radio Centre 2LT, controlled by Lithgow Broadcasters Pty. Ltd. and an offshoot of Western Newspapers Pty. Ltd. commenced entertaining its 26,000 town listeners on June 7th, 1938.
image of 2LT_Lithgow


As Lithgow's "Sunshine Station," 2LT has won the confidence of listener and advertiser alike. The station maintains a strict policy of close co-operation between Station, advertiser and audience. Situated on the Great Western Highway, 2LT's Transmitter is an important landmark for tourist traffic. Operating on a wavelength of 278 metres and a 1080 Kc frequency, the station is looking forward to the P.M.G.'s grant of 500 Watts to replace its 100 Watt aerial power of to-day.  > read more

We're named in World's Top 5!!!

US magazine 'Popular Communications' names the Radio Heritage Foundation as home to one of the World's Top 5 Great QSL Collections in its April 2009 issue.

image KULA of Honolulu

KULA Honolulu 690 AM
QSL detail from 1961
© Des Davey Collection Radio Heritage Foundation

The cover article 'Treasure Troves of Radio's Past - Millions of QSL Cards Preserved in Only Five Locations' says 'RHF accepts into its archives all forms of radio memorabilia from the entire Asia-Pacific region, ensuring that many additional QSL collections, as well as other radio heritage items and audio collections can find a safe and permanent home there'.

There's much more about our radio heritage activities there also.

Although we laugh about 'snail mail' today, it's only because radio broadcasters bothered to design, print and mail 'QSL cards' confirming reception to listeners that we still have tangible reminders of thousands of long gone radio stations and personalities.

We're eternally grateful they did. These cards, letters, and associated ephemera like photos, program guides, booklets, adverts, newspaper clippings, car stickers and much more form the core of our radio heritage work today. Thanks Mr Postman!
image of Popular Communications QSL Collections

Cover from Popular Communications April 2009
© Popular Communications

If you haven't registered your own QSL collection with us, do it today by sending us an email with some details about yourself and your collection.

We're honored to be recognized in this way and congratulate the other four collections on their inclusion. We already enjoy excellent relations with three of them, and, in fact, will be extending our own digitalization and cataloging program to include one of them once funding has been secured.

Dr Adrian Peterson, author of the article in 'Popular Communications' is also a board member of both the Radio Heritage Foundation and the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters, USA.

The Mosquito Network

American Military Radio in the Solomon Islands During WWII

By Martin Hadlow © 2006

image of AFRS Command Performance at CBS studios

AFRS Command Performance at CBS studios, Los Angeles
© AFRS, Brass Button Broadcasters, Radio Heritage Foundation

"The American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) provides Stateside radio and television programming, 'a touch of home,' to U.S. service men and women, DoD civilians, and their families serving outside the continental United States."
(*AFRTS, 2004).

Part 1 - AFRS Guadalcanal
Part 2 - AFRS Radio City
Part 3 - AFRS Mosquito Bites

Pub Charity Joins Kiwi Radio Campaign

Pub Charity logo

Visit Pub Charity

We're delighted to welcome Pub Charity to the Kiwi Radio Campaign.

Their financial support helps us protect even more of New Zealand's radio heritage and make it available on-line for free community access.

Kiwis have enjoyed listening to the radio as entertainment at their member hotels for many decades, and continue to do so today. Welcome aboard, and thanks for your generous support.  > read more

Early Argentine Radio

Early Radio in Argentina, 1920-1944
Author: Robert Howard Claxton

A Review by David Ricquish

El Cuando, an Argentine Dance

El Cuando, an Argentine Dance.
One of a series of dance leaflets produced for international listeners
© Cleve Costello Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

American history professor Robert Claxton has just released a thoughtful and informative book about early radio in Argentina, with a focus on the period 1920-1944. What soon becomes apparent on reading this book is that the story of early radio in Argentina shares much in common with a number of other countries... > read more

Antarctic Radio Unfreezes

Antartic Radio Ice FM DJ

DJ at Ice FM 104.5 McMurdo in 2003
© Radio Heritage Foundation

There's competition along the Antarctic radio dial. Yes, McMurdo alone now boasts three FM stations, and the nearby New Zealand base has yet another.

Antarctica may be the least populated of the continents, but the number of radio stations on air is growing as scientific bases expand, the permanent population gets larger, and satellite delivery of programs from elsewhere becomes economic.

In this introduction to Antarctic Radio, let's visit American, New Zealand, Australian, Argentine, Chilean and French bases with local radio stations... > read more

Pacific Asian Log Update

image link to Pacific-Asian Log
Bruce Portzer has recently updated the online database and hard copy downloads for the MW version of the Pacific Asian Log.

The PAL is the definitive guide to AM broadcasters in this extensive region of the world.

Used by broadcasters, engineers, listeners, advertising agencies, government planners and many others, PAL is the only list of its kind based on widespread monitoring of the mediumwave dial from Afghanistan to Alaska and the rest of the Pacific and Asia region.  > Try it out.

Apex Car Rentals Joins Campaign

Apex Rental Cars logo

Apex Rental Cars New Zealand logo

Apex Rentals Cars, New Zealand's largest independently owned car hire company, has joined the Kiwi Radio Campaign as a sponsor. Their supply of a rental car allows the campaign 'to take the scenic route with New Zealand Car Rental' and visit towns, cities and out of the way localities around the country collecting radio memorabilia, recording oral histories...  > read more

New Art of Radio Hawaii Competition
[Now Closed]

We continue our celebrations of 50 years of Hawaii statehood with another great retro radio competition open worldwide. It's easy to enter.........

image of KPOI RadioLogoLand
Just answer 2 simple questions to win a retro KPOI t-shirt from 1961 including free shipping from our good friends at RadioLogoLand

Q1 Who was the 'Hawaiian Goddess of Fire',

Q2 Which Hilo radio station put her seal on its listener cards

You'll find the answers right here at the Art of Radio Hawaii © online come visit Hawaii with us now!

Email your entry to with 'Hawaiian Goddess' as the subject, to reach us no later than midnight on Kamehameha Day Thursday, June 11 2009 your local time and date.

Judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into, and by entering the competion you allow us to include your email address in a mailing list to keep you informed about our radio heritage news and new competitions.

image link to 'The sound of a generation captured on a T-shirt.'
Help celebrate Hawaii's 50 years of statehood with us, and win this fabulous retro KPOI t-shirt from 1961! To see more great retro radio t-shirts, caps, and more fabulous memories merchandise visit our friends at RadioLogoland now.


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