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From David's Desk

September 12 2006

4KZ Far North Queensland 1967-2007 Calling

image link to Radio Station 4KZ

Early 4KZ logo from 1971
© Keith Robinson Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

In September 2007, 4KZ Innisfail 531 AM celebrates 40 years of service to Far North Queensland.

Manager Al Kirton is planning a souvenir brochure and a 40th reunion for former staff members. If you've got any memorabilia, photos, tape recordings, promotional items or want to share some memories about 4KZ, please contact us today.

image of Radio Station 4KZ Tully repeater station

4KZ Tully repeater station 2004
© Radio Heritage Foundation

Al tells us he's been throwing stuff into a big old filing cabinet for years and even has the original 4KZ checkbook, and he'd love to hear from anyone involved with the station since 1967.

If your station is celebrating an anniversary, and you'd like publicity, help with memorabilia and to get the old gang together, contact us today.

Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Logo

This is the official Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary logo. It's use indicates that the event involved has been approved by Radio Hauraki as part of its anniversary celebrations.
image of Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Logo

Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Logo - used on current Radio Hauraki sanctioned events.
© Radio Hauraki.

Radio Hauraki has posted some iconic photos to celebrate their beginnings.

Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour

In the 1970s Radio Hauraki was New Zealand's most famous 'pirate' radio station. Now in 2006 it celebrates 40 years on air with a major nationwide concert tour of New Zealand, featuring Kiwi rock icons Th' Dudes, Hello Sailor & Hammond Gamble.
image of Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour Poster 1 image of Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour Poster 3
image of Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour Poster 1

Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour Posters, August 2006
© Radio Hauraki

Radio Hauraki Staff - Where Are You?

Memo from David Gapes, Ian Magan, John Monks, Chris Prouse to Radio Hauraki staff, 2nd September 2006

Calling All Past and Present Radio Hauraki staff.

November 2006 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the first transmissions from the Radio Hauraki pirate radio ship Tiri and to commemorate the occasion we have organised the following events:  > Events  > Staff Function Invite (.pdf 149kb)

Long Lost Radio History Image

Mati Trio on Radio Station 1YA

In 1930, the Mati Trio were popular entertainers on Radio Station 1YA Auckland, New Zealand.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

Japanese Radio Station JORK Kochi 1930

The 'top hat' of the JORK transmitting tower, and the modern style building are typical of early Japanese radio.  > read more

Long Lost Radio History Image

ABC Community Music

The Australian Broadcasting Company produced a series of community music books around 1930.  > read more

Radio Column: Pacific Radio Today

Pacific Radio Today

image of Radio Station WVUV  bumper sticker

Radio Station WVUV 648 AM American Samoa is currently silent.
© David Ricquish Collection, Radio Heritage Foundation

I thought we'd take a tour around some of the islands, and look at some of the issues facing local broadcasters as we enter the brave new world of the internet, satellite radio, and converging technologies. We'll also look at The Pacific Plan, and what kind of broadcasting future this has in store for us.  > read more

Radio History: Jungle Network News

A reprint of:
Jungle Network News
Armed Forces Radio Section
Information & Education Section
United States Army Forces In The Far East

Vol. I, 29 November 1944, No.5
 > read more

Online Radio Station Databases

Bruce Portzer has updated the MW and SW versions of the Pacific Asian Log (PAL) databases. > Search

Radio History: AFRS Jungle Network

image of Radio Station Personality  GI Jill  - Martha Wilkerson

'GI Jill' was the AFRS response to Tokyo Rose.
Martha Wilkerson played the latest records, read mail and ended her programs 'in the sexiest voice imaginable' with "Goooood Niiiiiight".
© AFRS in 'Brass Button Broadcasters' by Trent Christman.

Imagine thick jungle, incessant rain, tropical heat, the continual roar of aircraft engines taking off and landing from hastily carved out runways, and the hustle and bustle of thousands of troops coming and going. You've then got some idea of the unlikely setting for the first introduction of radio broadcasting to many parts of the South West Pacific.

As American forces bolstered Australian units in New Guinea, they were soon looking for entertainment, and this was normally supplied from Tokyo Rose propaganda broadcasts, some coming from a transmitter in the occupied New Guinea port of Rabaul. Some unauthorized US stations began broadcasting from airbases [such as the cluster at Nadzab] and plans to establish official AFRS radio stations were hastily moved forward. > read more

Radio History: 2NZ - NORTHERN N.S.W.

image of Radio Station 2NZ Announcer Ray Vickery

Ray Vickery.

It was on 30th March, 1936, that the first broadcasting Station to operate from Inverell, Northern New South Wales, went on the air, using the call-sign 2LV. Less than a year later the demand for the services of the new station was so insistent that an increase in power was granted, and the station became 2NZ, Northern New South Wales. > read more

Radio History: 3BO - The Bendigo Station

image of ad for Radio Station 3BO Bendigo

3BO Advertisement.

Station 3BO Bendigo commenced operation on 4th June, 1931, and transmits on a wave length of 309 Metres, 970 K/C 's. Serving a wealthy area in Central Victoria, the Station has a complete coverage of Bendigo and District. > read more

Radio History: 4CA Cairns
"At the Top of Australia"

image of ad for Radio Station 4CA Cairns

4CA Advertisement.

The Cairns Station is the most northerly on the Australian Coast. It is owned and operated by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Limited, and, as it gives trouble-free reception to listeners of Cairns and District , it is of particular value in that Area.

4CA operates on a Wave Length of 300 Metres (1000 K/Cs.). The Station commenced operations on May 16th, 1936, and over the last ten years has maintained an uninterrupted service to its listeners. > read more

Winner of Shoestring Pirates Announced

A BIG THANKS to everyone who sent in their entry for the first 'pirate' Radio Hauraki competition.

The lucky winnner of a copy of Shoestring Pirates by Adrian Blackburn is Chris Faulkner of Holyhead, Wales, UK. Well done Chris. > read more

NZ LPFM Radio Station Guide

image of NZ LPFM Radio Station Groove FM

© Radio Heritage Foundation Collection.

Since the 1990's, New Zealanders have been able to create their own low power FM radio stations and begin freely broadcasting on a narrow range of frequencies. Commonly called the 'guardband', these frequencies are at the top and bottom ends of the standard FM dial. The power is very low and coverage is usually 5-10km from the transmitter location.  > read more

Pirate Radio Hauraki CD Competition

WIN the 'pirate' Radio Hauraki CD competition.
Entries close August 31, 2006

image of Front Cover of Pirate Radio Hauraki CD by David Miller
One copy of the rare CD 'A Fresh Pacific Wind' compiled by David Miller to give away.

Just tell us the name of the ship that 'pirate' Radio Hauraki first broadcast from on Sunday, December 4, 1966.

Hint, simply visit the official 'pirate' Radio Hauraki pages and you find the answer. Yes, it begins with the letter 'T'!

Send us an email, and include Pirate Radio Hauraki in the subject line, then your answer and your name and address in the body.

Competition open worldwide. One entry per person please.

Entries close August 31, 2006.

Your email address will be added to the Radio Heritage Foundation mailing list. Read our Privacy Statement.

Long Lost Radio History Image

Frank Berkery 3FB

Frank Berkery's original amateur radio station 3FB in Trafalgar, Victoria [Australia] later grew into popular commercial radio station 3TR located in nearby Sale.  > read more

The Vintage Radio and the Cow

image of John G Dietrich at 4QR.

Keep 'em happy: Alan Braid with the tin trumpet from an 1898 cylinder record player. He says music keeps the cows milking.
© Launceston Examiner

In the 1980s, a band called The Sports wanted to know who listened to the radio.

Well, cows do - at least at Alan Braid's West Kentish dairy farm they do.

Mr Braid knows a thing or two about radios and the 400 or so in his workshop span more than a century of airwave technology. All are Australian, all are functional, and Mr Braid has not lost the passion to sniff out more.  > read more

Column: Reminiscing with a Radio

The Lion City Roars - Radio Singapore

image of British Military Administration card, Malaya 1945.

British Military Administration card, 11860 kHz, 7.5 kW trasnmitter transferred by Japanese from Penang to Jurong, QSL Oct 6 1945
© Adrian Peterson Collection, AWR

As the world traveling tourist knows, the island of Singapore is both ancient and modern. Its pre-history goes way back through the centuries into the unwritten eras of legendary events more than a thousand years ago, and yet it is these days a fast, modern and bustling city of international trade and commerce.  > read more

More News Links

We've now added Asia News links to the left hand menu from the following radio sources:

From Beijing, China Radio International covers events from across China and from a North Asian perspective; NHK Tokyo has key news from Japan and links to English language radio and TV news streams, and the ABS-CBN Manila site covers events in the Philippines in partnership with the Manila Times.

From Jakarta, Radio Republik Indonesia provides the latest news from the world's largest Islamic nation, and All India Radio in Delhi covers major events from across the sub-continent.

Finally, the BBC News uses a network of bureaus across both Asia and the Pacific for their global perspective of the region from London.

Audio and TV video streaming as well as English language shortwave broadcasts are available from nearly all these broadcasters.

Long Lost Radio History Image

Jim Collins WXLE

I'm Jim Collins. I had the task of replacing 'The Tree' at WXLE.  > read more

Pirate Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary 1966-2006

image of pirate Radio Hauraki logo

Pirate Radio Hauraki logo

The official pirate Radio Hauraki site is coming here soon as part of our Virtual Archive program. In the meantime, visit the welcome page to sign up for newsletters and to stay in touch with celebrations and events planned for the 40th anniversary of the ship based Radio Hauraki.

Celebrated throughout the world as a true pirate and free radio operation in the late 1960's, the events of those early days have etched themselves into Kiwi culture as pirate Radio Hauraki's battle for freedom of the airwaves earned the free radio '1480 Good Guys' iconic status.


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