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Previous Issues

13 January 2024
Radio Dunedin at 100
A tour of ZW5B
Coffee and Radio - with Denis Zoqbi
For Decades, Lonewolf Has Supported The Voice of the Arctic
The Radio Scene at the End of the Highway
Radio Tirana's Kiwi Connection
American Radio Stations in New Zealand
American Radio Stations in New Zealand: The 1ZM Story
Return to the Radio Scene in Bulgaria
AIR Kurseong Celebrates 60 Years
A Look Inside CBC/Radio-Canada's New Broadcast Center
Radio Station 2CM
PBS in the Philippines on Shortwave
Lighthouse Radio in Australia
The Radio Scene During the 1937 Ohio River Flood
Special Report on Brazil's First WebSDR Public Reception Station
New QSL Collection added
One Hundred Years of Radio in Manitoba, Canada
Radio broadcasting still crucial in Sarawak
AIR's Station At 9,000 Feet Along LoC In Kashmir Broadcasts Programs For People Living Across Border
Legacy remains of WSY, Alabama's first radio station
Marajó Island Amazonian DX Camp, Brazil 2019
Radio Woodville Nearly 25 Years Old
Coffee and Radio – with Carlos Latuff
News Radio WHAM 1180/Rochester Celebrates 100 Years

18 March 2023
Shortwave Station WMLK
Dmitry Mezin Collection - True Sounds Audio Archive
Coffee and Radio – with Danilo Nonato
The Powerful United States Naval Radio Station at Tarlac in the Philippines
Another Radio Wedding
Powell Crosley and His Life Story
Voice of America Relay Station at Tinang in the Philippines
One Hundred Years of Radio in Manitoba, Canada: The Early Wireless Years
BBC London Celebrates 100 years
Mediumwave station 2LO
Alexandre Grimberg PY1AHD, creator of the "AlexLoop" antenna
Independent Radio Station WMCA
VOA Shortwave Relay Station at Poro in the Philippines
Coffee and Radio – with Valter Aguiar
The Story of the Two Shortwave Stations Known as Radio Sada-e-Kashmir
Radio Station Studios Through the Years

26 October 2022
The Voice of America on Mediumwave at Poro in the Philippines
The Early Marconi Years at Chelmsford
Radio Stations for the Navajo Nation in the United States
The Radio Scene on the World’s Largest Private Property
Visiting the Punta Brava antennas of the Uruguayan Navy
Islands of Curiosity
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1992-1993
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1991-1992
ULR DX-pedition: May/June 2021 - Three States of Brazil
Island Records - Falklands Radio
The Second VOA Relay Station in the Philippines
AWA in Australia - Snowy Mountains Radio
The World’s First Radio Weddings – Part 1
The First VOA Relay Station in the Philippines
AWA Radio Station Callsigns
The World's First Radio Weddings – Part 2
Radio Station 2MT Centenary
Three International Radio Weddings
American Shortwave Stations - On the Air in 1925
ULR DX-pedition: March 2021 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Barbados in the Caribbean - The Royal Visit and the Radio Scene
Radio Scene on the Outlier Islands of New Caledonia in the South Pacific
Ancient DX Report – 1927
Voice of America Relay Station in a Submarine
Bird Calls on Shortwave Radio
Radio in Bulgaria Celebrates 100 Years
Living Traditions - KKCR Kauai
A Radio Fair in Buenos Aires
New Home for 2XN
Sea Change - Coast FM West Cornwall
ULR DX-pedition - November 2020 – Northeast Brazil
AFRTS AFN Kodiak Alaska - Rare Audio from 1967
Palau restores AM radio service
YVTO: Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory, Caracas, Venezuela
Radio Nova Opens 'The Vinyl Vault'
Remembering Radio Doctors, Milwaukee's Legendary Record Store
GatesAir's 100 Years of History in Pictures
The NZ Vintage Radio Project
Aotea FM - Sounds of Sanctuary
Offshore Radio Against The Beatles Phenomenon

27 June 2022
The Plum Radio
Brazil Ham Radio Operator Accumulator
Ukraine's Radio Station of National Resistance
Caithness FM, Thurso, Scotland
The Art of Collecting: Henrique Schuchmann Morador
Rovinj FM, Croatia
KTRK / K-Truck 1670 kHz
The Radio Spectrum on the South Pacific Island of New Caledonia
Introducing the Bayerischer Rundfunk
Remember Atlantic 252?
The Pirate Archive
Radio Tulum, Mexico
Midway Communications Facilities
Sifnos RadioActive 91.3, Greece
Daltro D'Arisbo Radio Museum, Porto Alegre, Brazil
KMTH Midway - Photos from 1968
NZ Radio Audio Samples
Eclipse Broadcasts from Airplanes
Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Broadcast
Feedback on "4AT Atherton" Story
93KHJ, American Samoa
70 Years of 2ZA
New Zealand MW & FM Audio
New additions to our QSL Gallery
The Search for an old Historic Shortwave Station KUSW
Six Local Radio Broadcasting Stations on Antigua
PAL November 2021 Update
Radio Lapa55 Rio de Janeiro
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1994-1996
Massive Aruba
Making Waves - Coast FM Tasmania
Radio Heritage Foundation provides mirror of the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive
The Island Called Antigua in the Caribbean
New museum to recognize Warsaw radio station that was second biggest in the world
The Radio Scene in the Isles of Scilly
History of Rádio Muda
Kazakhstan Celebrates 100 Years of Radio History
75 Years of 7LA Launceston
The Early Wireless Scene on Three Islands off the Coast of Wales
Western Australian Telecommunications History
South Australian Radio Memories
Palau Wave Radio
Visit to the Brasilia Radio and Television Tower
LLRI: VOUS St John's, Newfoundland
Warren Fahey Presents Yesterday's Australia
The Night Watch
WXLG Kwajalein 1953
What Happened to the Famous KDKA Shortwave Station at Saxonburg?
Opening Broadcasts of 4ZJ & 3XG
Radio Prague International celebrates 85th anniversary
The Early Days of 2KO Newcastle
Hutt Radio 106.1FM Fundraising CD
NiuFM – Station Snapshot from 2004
Radio Guarujá Paulista, Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil
Rádio São Jorge, Goiás, Brazil
The World's Highest Radio Station Celebrates its 50th Anniversary: AIR Leh
Radio Weddings – Part 1
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1992-1994

26 January 2022
Secret Radio Talks Turn Tide on Santo Rebellion
The Radio Scene on the World's Most Isolated Island
ABC Radio Darwin 8DR on Shortwave
A Brief History of the "A Noite" Building
KDKA Shortwave in Pittsburgh: Four Locations
Return to the Radio Scene on Bougainville in the South Pacific
The Radio Saga on Two Small Islands South of New Zealand
Brazil: The Early Mediumwave Years
Radio Malaya Singapore in Two Different Countries
Keith Richardson Studio Carts
KNKR Kohala Radio, Hawaii
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1997
Radio Navarino, Puerto Williams, Chile
LLRI: Radio Star and a Tank
Radio Redwood Good Music 107.5FM
Pluralism, Representation and Diversity - Radio JK FM 102.7 MHz Brasilia
Raglan Community Radio 98.1 MHz
The Radio Scene in the Lonely Isolated Maldive Islands - The Island of Gan
AFRS "Stateside USA" on KIBS Canton Island
Brotherly Luv on 106.7 in Whanganui
BNBS Leopoldville, Belgian Congo
German Radio 100
Radio With Pictures from Radio Manukena, Easter Island
Gary Cooper on KIBS Canton Island 1953
The Easter Island Story
Bahrain Radio Renovates
Radio at the Heads
The Original Radio Saigon
St. Vincent Volcanic Eruption
Finger on The Pulse
Japan's only shortwave station still in business after 80 years
RAAF Radio Butterworth 1960-1987
A Visit to Super Radio Brasil AM 940 Rio de Janeiro
Radio Facility in India Turned into a Jail
Vatican Radio Celebrates 90 Years
Radio Malaysia Celebrates 75 Years
Radio Polynesia Ltd, Samoa - Station Promos from c2005

23 August 2021
Radio Voz Missionaria
Mix FM 88.3 MHz Central Wellington (2003-2006)
Kermadec Earthquake
NZBC Radio Recordings from the 1960s
Selwyn Toogood on Radio Pacific
True Light FM Palmerston North
Bitter FM Taupo
The Story of Village Radio 1XT Tauranga
V-Discs 1940s Cassette Compilation
AM Radio Auckland 1989
Rare Kiwi MW/AM DX Audio Clips from the 1970s
VOA Pacific Studio Recording from 1990
QSL Collections
LPFM Powers Up With the Arkansas Sun
The Wave, Sumner Sampler CD
It's Always Show Time at 2CH
Radio and Gender Equality
Unsung Heroes D-Day and After
Australian "Broadcasting and Television Year Book" 1958
Gippsland Radio Heritage
Big 106.2 Auckland Audio Clips
Community Radio Hamilton Audio Samples
Holiday 106.8 Sampler CD
One Double X 40th Birthday CD
Lyall Bay School Radio Maranui FM Jingle CD
Myanma Radio in Burma (Myanmar) Celebrates 75 Years
Pacific Airwaves
Baseball Commentary on WVTB, 1944
Once a radio dream, now 30 years on air for Christchurch's Tahu FM
Early New Zealand Radio Personalities
On the Radio Bacolod City, Philippines, 2004
900 2LM 60th Birthday Special
Radio Station Studios in the 1920s
AFTN Taiwan Audio Clip
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1991
New Radio Station for Northland
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1996-1997
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook 1988-1990
New Wavelengths
Transatlantic Tests Mark 99th Anniversary
Traveller’s guide to ABC Radio
Irish Pirate Radio Audio Archive
Looking Back: New radio service goes on air
A Visit to PPE Observatório Nacional
Georgia Radio Is On the Mind as the Peach State Celebrates #Radio100
CHU, Canada’s Time Station
America's voice goes silent in Berlin as last US radio station closes
The Radio Scene on Four Little Greek Islands – Part 2
4AT Atherton
You Have Been Listening
The Women Who Overcame Radio's Earliest Glass Ceilings
Remembering Rediffusion: Singapore
The Radio Scene on Four Little Greek Islands – Part 1
WVTI Studio, Cebu City, 1945
Rare Photos from WXLN, Nome, Alaska, 1945
Visit to Rádio Nacional da Amazônia
KING-FM Studios Hit the High Notes
Why WWV and WWVH Still Matter
The Story of Hutt River Radio
Radio Broadcasting Becomes a Reality KDKA on Nov. 2, 1920
Florida AM Station Plans to Go All-Digital
Communications and IT Minister Reopens NBC Gulf Building
Visit Radio Globo and Radio CBN Sao Paulo Brazil
We've Turned 500!
Samoa's Radio 2AP Redevelopment Project
KNX, Los Angeles A Centennial Station
4ZM "Voice of Dunedin"
The Rise and Fall of Radio Avon
Doggo Days
NBC Morobe The Forgotten Kundu
Office of War Information Central Pacific Operations Photo Essay Booklet
2JJ 40th
World Radio History
Shaky Raoul Island
Radio Fifeshire Nelson Early Documents
The Birth of a Station
Shetland Islands Broadcasting Company
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 13: Urewera Country
World's Greatest Radio Listening Post
KUAM Isla 63 AM Guam Ceases Broadcasting
Remembering Rediffusion: Trinidad
Rare QSL from WSZD Ponape
Remembering Rediffusion: Malaya
Manx Radio History
Remembering Rediffusion: Hong Kong
KZOO Radio Celebrates 50 Years of Radio Broadcasting in Hawaii

7 December 2020
Remembering Rediffusion: Malta
Broadcasting in Malta
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 12: Lewis Pass NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
New Buildings for KJQR & WSZO in 1969
A Very Brief History of Guernsey's Radio Stations
Radio Vanuatu Celebrates Golden Jubilee
Despite Gibraltar's size, there is a lot of news to report
50 Years on the Air Radio Seychelles celebrates half-century as the archipelago's first broadcaster
History Preserved AWA Broadcast 500W Transmitter Model P5 Serial Number 1
4LM Mount Isa Queensland, Australia
Finding local Emergency Alert Stations in the US
1ZB Radio Theatre The Art Deco Years
Tristan da Cunha - ZOE Radio Tristan 3290 kHz A rare QSL from the world's most remote inhabited archipelago.
Barbados Rediffusion: The End of an Era in Broadcasting History
Investor plans 'Mightier 1090' after leasing signal of former sports radio station
Radio Anguilla Celebrates Station's 48th Anniversary
Radio Anguilla: Mother of All Local Radio Stations
It will take more than a lockdown to stop Radio Active broadcasts
Radio Saint Lucia Closure
ZNS Radio 79th Anniversary YouTube Report
A Brief History of Radio in Guyana
Farewell to RNW shortwave broadcast from Bonaire YouTube Feature
About ZIZ Radio
Managing SW Broadcasts From Ascension Island
Trinidad & Tobago's First Radio Broadcast YouTube Report
BFBS Connects British Military Worldwide
ZBVI Radio Erects New Tower YouTube Report
Radio Havana Cuba, 55 Years Broadcasting the Truth to the World
Radio Antilles Montserrat Recording from 1993
The Māori radio stations that play dance music and hip-hop
Radio Belize: George McKesey and old photos from the history of radio in Belize
Guyana has a rich history in radio
10 Facts About the History of Radio in Jamaica
Covid-19: Lockdown won't stop East FM playing the hits
Gone By Lunchtime The spirited life and sudden demise of Radio Sport
Jeypore AIR Worldwide
Shortwave Penpals
Celebrating 30 Years of Broadcasting in the Pacific
KOA Building Tour - 1959
Shortwave Campaigns During World War II
New Zealand Broadcasting Press Clippings Scrapbook "A" 1990 - 1991
Historic WHO Radio Recordings Now Online
Falling in Love Over the Airwaves
Tribute to a Century of Broadcasting YouTube Audiovisual
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 11: Lake Waikaremoana NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Australian A.M. Radio History Free eBook Edition
CJCD Yellowknife Turns 40
RIAS Berlin YouTube Documentary
Self Help are Cheaper! Cheaper! Cheaper! Classic NZ Supermarket Commercials from the 1960s
American Forces Network Radio (1950-2012) YouTube Presentation
KNX Los Angeles Turns 99
MAF's Metric Moments 14 Tales for Radio by Bill White
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 10: Auckland NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Tuning in Radio Sarawak Historic Film from 1961
KAOS 88.2 Blenheim Rocker blasts music for whole town to hear
AFRS Pacific Overview
RNZI Mailbox Radio Heritage Foundation Documentaries
Rugby Radio Station Booklet from 1964
Who's Got the Biggest, Meanest AM Flamethrower?
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 9: Coromandel NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
The Internet’s Impact on International Radio
The Development of the Directional AM Broadcast Antenna
Voice of America The Long Reach of Shortwave
Sentech Shuts Meyerton Shortwave Site
4GG Gold Coast The Showbiz Radio Station of Australia
Sunshine Coast Memories
Community Radio Station KBFG-LP in Seattle
WTMA Celebrates 80 Years in Charleston
Happy Days Radio, Palmerston
Love Radio Finds Niche in Shanghai
BFM - The Pirates
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 8: Morere Hot Springs NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 6: The Glaciers NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
AFRTS Archive Roger Carroll - 1979
AFRTS Archive Polka Party - 1961
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 5: Eglinton Valley NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 4: Westland NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Australian Antarctic Broadcasting Stations
4IP Ipswich Promotional Postcards from the 1960s
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 3: Milford Sound NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 2: Hanmer Springs NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
4CA History 1950s Inspection Reports
Rare Film Featuring AFRS Station VU2ZN, Ledo, 1944
What's in the Air?
A Radio Hunt
Westbury Enthusiast's Catch
America, Sydney, New Zealand
Long Lost Radio History Images:
XWRA On The Air
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 1: National Park NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
Australian Radio Calls 1926
Long Lost Radio History Images:
WKLI Fukuoka 1946
Wally Coxon and the First Broadcast Station in the West
Bruce Carty on 2CCC FM
Lure of the Trail Programme No. 7: Christchurch NZ Department of Tourist & Publicity, 1939
The Pacific Ramblers Live on KTOH, Kauai, Hawaii March/April 1945
KTOH Kauai Under Musical Attack
A Tight Squeeze of an Install at K-LOVE
RNZI Our International Voice on Shortwave Radio
Australian Radio Advertising Bureau Instant Ideas No. 4
American Ambassadors of the Airwaves
Midwest East North Central
Iceland State Broadcast Service
An Aussie DJ on Iceland Radio
7SD's Sunpolisher Club gave cousins a chance to star

9 March 2018
Editorial: Nautel Memorable Stories
Nautel Memorable Radio: Radio Veritas reaches South African AM dial
Nautel Memorable Radio: Australian Sky Sports Radio Boosted
Editorial: 2080 Campaign Launched
KEAD Wake 1490 AM Treasure Island
Nautel Memorable Radio: The Island in Ontario
Nautel Memorable Radio: Hawaii Public Radio Covers Islands
Editorial: Welcome new Advisory Group
Editorial: Most popular stories of the past 4 years
Nautel Memorable Radio: Saudi Arabia launches 30 new FM stations
Nautel Memorable Radio: DZLG Bombo Radyo
RNZI Mailbox: Radio Sunshine AM & FM Niue
RNZI Mailbox: Urban Pacific Radio Noumea
RNZI Mailbox: Urban Pacific Radio Suva
Fantastic Australian Radio History Book Special Price A$44.95
Nautel Memorable Radio: 3NNN Edge FM Deniliquin
Nautel Memorable Radio: Radio Pretoria, South Africa
Nautel Memorable Radio: PiliPili FM Mambo Moto Moto
Nautel Memorable Radio: Family FM 99.5 Cambodia
Editorial: Donations Fail to Keep Memories Safe
Editorial: New Sponsors
Nautel Memorable Radio: Mix FM Midrand, South Africa
Nautel Memorable Radio: Danish Radio on Longwave
Nautel Memorable Radio: Fresh 92.7 FM Adelaide, Australia
Nautel Memorable Radio: XEUT Tijuana, XERL Colima, XEMAX Tecoman and XHZZZ Manzanillo Mexico
Hawaii Radio Guide
Radio Station Partnerships now available for April 1 2015 - March 31 2016
Editorial: Fresh Pacific Faces
Facebook Editorial
Each month we're challenged to find $1,800
New Grant from Pub Charity
The Call of the Friendly Islands

24 February 2015
Anchor Partners Announced
Forgotten Features
2GB Sydney Key Station of the Macquarie Network
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Free Europe
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Japan Radio
How Radio Hauraki Really Got Its Name
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Australia, New Zealand & Pacific
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South East Asia Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 South Asia Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Brazil Radio
Thanks for visiting us today
NEW!!! Aussie Radio Guide AM/FM/Digital
NEW!! NZ Radio Guide AM/FM/LPFM
Mosquito Network AES 1ZM Auckland
Radio 2AP Samoa in 1949
Chairman's Message
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Iron Curtain Europe Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Nordic Europe Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 North Asia Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Canada AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Philippines AM/SW Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Middle East / Central Asia Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Africa SW Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Africa AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1953 Caribbean AM/SW Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Caribbean FM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Caribbean AM/SW Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia FM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Western Australia AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia South Australia/NT AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Queensland AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia Victoria/Tasmania AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: 1988 Australia ACT/NSW AM Radio
Retro Radio Dial: Idaho
Retro Radio Dial: Texas
Regional Advisory Groups
2013 New Year Message
Phoenix Islands Protected Area
Voice of Peace - Mediterranean Radio Memories
Radio JAFA Auckland
New Plymouth Boys Dig Radio from Gully
All Noise All The Time from AFM Auckland
Paekakariki FM Has Live Bird Calls
Lyall Bay School Radio Maranui FM
Richmond View School Radio Zestoboom
Maniapoto FM Voice of the King Country Turns 21
Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Paddy O'Donnell
DJ Bobby is new on Blue
Free Fijian on Free FM
Reporter Guest DJ at Port FM Ashburton
Iwi Radio Tainui Spots Talent in Ngaruawahia
Kia Ora Access Manawatu
Sounds FM Christchurch Silenced
Wadsworth, Womad & 107.6 FM
Keri Country FM
Phil Digs River City Dagsy FM
Ranfurly Radio Burn729
2ZA Heritage Vinyl Collection Found in Levin

6 May 2013
US$240 Donor Giveaway
Radio Lollipop Sticks Around Starship
Ifinity FM Invercargill Finds Flour Power
Hospital Radio Timaru Finds New Home
FM Finds Wings, Goes Global
Long Lost Radio History Images: Radio Station KIBS Canton Island Central Pacific 1952
CRST 104FM Tanna Island, Vanuatu
Long Lost Radio Image: KVZI Roi-Namur
Big Buzz at Big River FM in Northland
ART of Radio Success at 104.4FM
Fresh FM Finds New Home With Founders
Radio Southland Series Salutes Southland Songs
Secret FM No Secret Any More
Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Doreen Kelso
Kiwi Radio Hall of Fame Geoff Sinclair 1932-2011
ZM Wellington Celebrates 40 Years Rockin' On
TRN Nelson Manager Mike McElhinney Moves
Kaikoura's Blue FM Sure Can Do
So Dope Internet Radio from South Canterbury
Papakowhai Rocks the USA AndHow
Mike has The Most in Taranaki
Arrow FM launches new generation of radio play fans
107.5Rocks Dunedin
Te Upoku o Te Ika Wellington Maori Radio
Feature Station 2YD Wellington Ambush
2ZB Wellington 75 Years Early Personalities
Art of Amateur Radio Japan The Quartz Hill Collection
Amateur QSL Gallery ZL2ADN Collection Radio Shacks
Australian Radio 1922-2012 Amateur Radio DJs lead the way...
Listening with Lizzie British Commonwealth on the Air 1952-53 Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II 1952-2012
ZL6RWC Rugby World Cup Radio
4IP Ipswich 'Your Local Station for Better Entertainment'
2QN Deniliquin 'The Riverina Station'
2MW Murwillumbah 'The Voice of the Far North Coast'
3BA Ballarat 'The Voice of the Garden City'
2KM Kempsey 'The Voice of the Macleay'
VU2ZP Yank Radio... Bangalore: The Brochure
This is Station WLKT Miho
97FM Radio Warms Listeners at Scott Base, Ross Dependency
Early Chinese Radio in Peking
Chinese Local Radio in the 1930s
3GL Geelong 'The Geelong Advertiser Station'
2KA Katoomba 'The Voice of the Mountains'
2GF Grafton 'The Voice of the Clarence'
VU2ZS Misamari, Assam, India 1944
VU2ZP Southern India Air Depot, Bangalore
This is Radio Station VU2ZP in Bangalore
AFRS The India-Burma Network
AFRS 'Wings Over The Orient' WOTO Bhamo, Burma
AFRS Along the Ledo Road

19 April 2012
1ZD Tauranga Celebrates Classic Hits
Kids on the Ridge FM
Musick Point Radio 500 AM
Gisborne's Switch 105.3 Goes Silent
New Stories of New Zealand Local Radio in our Kiwi Radio Campaign
Enjoy Three New LLARS Stories 2XL Cooma - 4GY Gympie - 2WL Wollongong
Broadcasting Station 2GN Goulburn
2DU Dubbo - The Western Station
Victorian Broadcasting Network - 3TR Gippsland
Victorian Broadcasting Network - 3SH Northern Victoria
Victorian Broadcasting Network - 3HA Covers Western Victoria
Tongan Radio on Auckland Airwaves
European Mediumwave & Longwave Radio History
Radio Ngakuta Bay
Papua New Guinea Radio is so much more
7AD & 7BU Northern Tasmania
5AD Advertiser Broadcasting Network
4SB "The Voice of the South Burnett"
4LG 'The Voice of the Central West'
Swiss Mixx 106.9 Covers Coastal Wanganui
Mamaku School 88.4FM Radio
BOLT 88.3 FM Bedroom Radio
Fevah FM is Hot in Hamilton
TAS 88.1 FM Taihape Area School Radio
Hollah FM Fills Porirua Airwaves
Ifinity FM 87.7 Invercargill
Botany 107.1 FM The Summer Sound All Year Round
The Yak - Alive & Kicking

1 January 2012
Christmas 2011 Competition
Sponsor Special - Free World Radio TV Handbook 2012

3 November 2011
Blue Hawaii, Elvis and Hawaiian Radio in 1961
Fighting Voices from Downunder
2UW Sydney The Station All Australia Knows
2MO Gunnedah A Fine Station in a Rich District
2HD Newcastle
2GZ Central NSW Country Service
2BS Bathurst 'The Centre of the West'
Christchurch Earthquake 2011 Classic Gold Radio New Brighton 102.1 FM
Christchurch Earthquake 2011
150 Sponsors Underwrite Operating Costs in 2011
2ZW The Voice of the Capital City
Radio Shacks: The Quartz Hill Collection 2
Undercover Radio

20 September 2011
Win The Pacific Story Competition

17 July 2011
Blue Hawaii Radio Competition

23 April 2011
Radio Heritage Heaven
Diamonds of the Dial

5 April 2011
Borderless Radio is Here!
Supporters now get instant savings for donations
Book Review: Changing Stations - The Story of Australian Commercial Radio by Bridget Griffen-Foley
Book Review: Cold War Radio - The Dangerous History of American Broadcasting in Europe 1950-1989 by Richard H Cummings
Australian AM Radio 1611-1701 - Italian, Country, Arabic, Greek and Gold
2LM Lismore - The Feature Station
3BA Ballarat - Sunshine Singers
2AD Armidale - The Voice of New England
3XY Melbourne, Efftee Broadcasters Pty Ltd For Live Artist Productions
2LF Young - The Voice of the South West
4MK Mackay, Queensland - 'We Strive to Excel'
The Queensland Network - Five Great Voices in One - 4BC Brisbane 4SB Kingaroy 4GR Toowoomba 4RO Rockhampton 4MB Maryborough
7DY Derby, North-East Tasmania
Japan AM Radio Dial 1941
Book Review: Treason on the Airwaves
9PA Port Moresby - WWII ABC-AFRS Radio
New Heritage Friend The Happy Station Show
Book Review: Aunt Gwen of 2YA by Margaret Willis
Book Review: Never A Dull Moment by Keith Richardson
New Heritage Friends WVUV-FM and KKHJ-FM
The KYOI Story
SuperRock KYOI Saipan
Samoan Radio Journey
Starting Radio Sangley - US Naval Station Sangley Point
KTLG Radio - US Naval Station Sangley
WASA Radio, AFRS McMurdo Antarctica "The Most Wonderful Antarctic Station Anywhere"
2ZA Radio Golden Years Reinvented on Stage
Kiwi Amateurs 12-92 On Air - Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

11 July 2008
Apna 990AM Auckland - Four Years on the Airwaves
Blue Skies FM - Central community radio goes off air
One Christian Radio set to rock the airwaves
Southside FM - From Chris' Garage to the Airwaves
Hospital Radio Timaru
ZMAP Apia, Samoa - An Alan Roycroft Station
Long Lost Radio History Image - KHBC Hilo 1936
Access Manawatu 999AM - 10 Years On Air
Reef Radio Golden Oldies on Air
Howick Village Radio - Voice of the People
Long Lost Radio History Image - KCCN Hawaiian Radio
Long Lost Radio History Image - The Golden Umbrella
Long Lost Radio History Image - WVTF Hollandia 1944
4VL - Charleville - "The Voice of the Far West"
Long Lost Radio History Image - Isareli Racule, FBC Suva
Long Lost Radio History Image - Magnecorders, FBC Suva
Whitford Broadcasting Network - 6PM Perth, 6AM Northam, 6KG Kalgoorlie, 6GE Geraldton
Hear the Lights 88.1 FM
Long Lost Radio History Image - Women Shopping Reporters
Long Lost Radio History Image - 3ZB 21st Anniversary
Long Lost Radio History Image - Toohey's Oatmeal Stout
2PK - "The Voice of the Golden West"
Memories of 2UE Sydney
4AY - "The Voice of the North"
Making Waves in Waipu
The Story of Radio Cindy 107.7 FM
India FM radio - Abuzz with activity
Long Lost Radio History Image - Harry Millard, 2SM Sydney
Balikpapan's Oldest Continuous Radio Station
Australian Radio Balikpapan
Radio Balikpapan Kalimantan
American Radio Stations in Australia - 4QR
Long Lost Radio History Image - Radio Rhema Experiments
Long Lost Radio History Image - Windy Heroes of the Air
Long Lost Radio History Image - 3ZM New Year Rave 1977
Women in Radio - More than a Soap Opera
2MG Mudgee - "The Voice of the Tablelands"
2BH Broken Hill - "The Voice of the Western Darling"
2LT Lithgow - Macquarie's Central Western Network Station
We're named in World's Top 5!!!
The Mosquito Network
Pub Charity Joins Kiwi Radio Campaign
Early Argentine Radio
Antarctic Radio Unfreezes
Pacific Asian Log Update
Apex Car Rentals Joins Campaign
New Art of Radio Hawaii Competition

24 February 2008
Radio SEAC Ceylon
A Reception That Was Different
Australia Radio Dial 1931
Long Lost Radio History Image - Sir Edmund Hillary 1YA
Radio Pasifik Nauru Triple 9 FM
Samoan Radio Sale Threatens Public Radio Future
California Radio Dial 1928
Shanghai Radio Dial 1941
Column: Wavescan - Radio Broadcasting in Independent Borneo – Brunei
Column: Wavescan - American Radio Stations in Australia – VLC Shepparton
New Radio Heritage Partner - PC WIZ 2U
Silver Memories
Column by Adrian Peterson - CBS on the Air Shortwave from Philadelphia
Kiwi Radio Campaign
Long Lost Radio History Image - WVTW Peleliu is 'ON THE AIR'

30 September 2007
Christmas 2007 Gift Catalog
Kiwi Radio Legend – Ambrose Reeves Harris
South Australia's Pirate Radio PROSH
Mainstreet Radio Onehunga
GuruFM Kerikeri
Ross FM Palmerston North
Council to demolish original 3ZB building
4ZR - Roma The Maranoa Broadcasting Company
Keeping the past for the future - Library of American Broadcasting
The Base FM Te Aroha
Today FM Dargaville
Splat FM Whangaparoa School
The Paddle Palmerston North
Get into the Groove 107.7 FM
ZK1ZA Cook Islands Educational Radio
7QT Queenstown Conqueror of Mineralisation
KSBK 880AM Radio, Naha, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands
Radio History - KRHO Honolulu 1944
Good Morning Hanoi – A Year on the Airwaves in the New Vietnam
Armed Forces Radio - A Night with the Stars
The Beat Fleet
Don't Touch That Dial
Urban Daydream
Radio History: I Shot Roy Acuff on AFRS Radio WVTK Leyte
Radio Shacks: Quartz Hill Collection
Long Lost Radio History Image - WSZD, Ponape
Radio History: ANZAC Day 2007 Radio Salute
Radio History: Happy 70th Birthday 2ZB Wellington, New Zealand
Easter 2007

17 February 2007
Build your business – It's about partnerships
Long Lost Radio History Image - 3YA Christchurch On Air
Great Australian Radio Double DVD
Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Book
Radio History: Tokyo Rose Broadcasts
Radio History: Radio Tokyo at War
Long Lost Radio History Image - Eveready Air Cell 1937
Radio History: OWI Central Pacific Operations
Long Lost Radio History Image - Harmonica Lads on WLW
Long Lost Radio History Image - ZBW Hong Kong 1934
Radio History: The Story of Radio Eniwetok
Long Lost Radio History Image - Cham The Man - 2ZC Napier
Radio History: Vietnam Village Radio
Long Lost Radio History Image - WASA McMurdo
Radio History: Nelson's Radio Fifeshire
Summer in the South Pacific - Vision FM
Column: Wavescan - Singapore on Shortwave - BBC Far East Relay Station
25th Anniversary - Historical Radio Society of Australia
Radio Column: Incredible India Goes Radio Ga-Ga
Summer in the South Pacific - Cool cats
Column: Wavescan - Radio Broadcasting in Malaysian Borneo - Sabah Summer in the South Pacific - Waipu Radio

7 January 2007
Short Term Kiwi Radio Memories
Season Greetings
Radio History: 2UE - Sydney
Radio History: Armed Forces Radio Station WXLI
Radio History: WA Broadcasters 6IX-6MD-6WB
Radio History: 4TO – Townsville
Radio History: 2CK - Cessnock
Calling All 1480 Club Members
Art of Radio Hawaii ©
Happy Diwali
Pacific Asian Log Update
George FM print ads
The New Zealand Radio Dial 1930-31
Gran of 1ZB Auckland
2007 QSL Calendar
Winner of CD "A Fresh Pacific Wind'
Fantastic NZ Broadcasting History Package Offer
Special Book Offer
Pirate Radio Hauraki Memorabilia Gift Offer
'A Fresh Pacific Wind' CD
To All Past & Present Radio Hauraki Staff
Macquarie Metro Vintage Radio Ads 1986
Radio Power Plays 1975-81
Melbourne, Sydney & Wellington

12 September 2006
4KZ Far North Queensland 1967-2007 Calling
Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Logo
Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Concert Tour
Radio Hauraki Staff - Where Are You?
Long Lost Radio History Image: Mati Trio on Radio Station 1YA
Long Lost Radio History Image: Japanese Radio Station JORK Kochi 1930
Long Lost Radio History Image: ABC Community Music
Radio Column: Pacific Radio Today
Radio History: Jungle Network News
Online Radio Station Databases
Radio History: AFRS Jungle Network
Radio History: 2NZ - NORTHERN N.S.W.
Radio History: 3BO - The Bendigo Station
Radio History: 4CA Cairns
Winner of Shoestring Pirates Announced
NZ LPFM Radio Station Guide
Pirate Radio Hauraki CD Competition
Long Lost Radio History Image: Frank Berkery 3FB
The Vintage Radio and the Cow
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - The Lion City Roars - Radio Singapore
More News Links
Long Lost Radio History Image: Jim Collins WXLE
Pirate Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary 1966-2006

07 July 2006
Australian Radio Historian Hits the Road
Pacific News Links
Long Lost Radio History Image: US Forces Broadcast Over 4QR Brisbane
Pirate Radio Hauraki Book Competition
WVTB Olympic Baseball - Christmas 1944
The Pioneer Radio Voice of New Guinea, AFRS-2 and WVTB Nadzab
WVTB New Guinea 1944

21 June 2006
Monthly Top 20 Stories
Art of Radio Japan Children's Art Competition Winner Announced
New Grace Gibson Studios Opened
Shortwave Radio Station Guide Updated
SIBS "Pop Inn!" in 1960's Honiara
Dr Paul, Popular Radio Serial
AES Auckland
Koalas, Kangaroos & Kiwis – The Australian Radio Listener Clubs
Meg McSpeerin's 2CH Women's League

24 May 2006
Cosy Kanimbla Memorabilia
AFRS Sapporo 1949-1951
7HO Hobart's Original
Australian High Commission Supports Digitalization Project
Emil Voigt 2KY #5
Media Release - Government Ignores Bigger Picture with Kiwi FM Bailout Emil Voigt 2KY #4
Audio Archive Goes 'On Air'
Emil Voigt 2KY #3
2KY 12th Anniversary
HCJB Quito Celebrates 75th Anniversary #1
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - Voice of America Hicksville, Long Island, New York
Emil Voigt 2KY #2
2KY Raids Sydney from the Air
Emil Voigt 2KY
National Advertisers Endorse NZ's ZB Network
Cowtown Boys and KELW Radio

23 March 2006
ANZAC 2006 Salute - Diggers On Air
Pacific Asian Log (PAL) Shortwave
2AY Albury & 4BU Bundaberg
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - Shows & Boats. Australia Gets Radio
4BU Bundaberg Broadcasters
2AY Albury
Pago Pago - The Tall Tower Tour
KODK Kodiak AFRS Radio 1941
Silent Mike: Radio Australia's Keith Glover
Column: Pacific Perspectives - Media Consolidation in New Zealand
New Radio Heritage Partner - Historical Radio Society of Australia

20 January 2006
Children's Art Competition
WVTR Sea Monster
The Suggestive Sounds of WVUG Anchorage
AFRS Alaska
WVUV Radio Romance
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - Visiting Radio Stations – World War 2 Era

19 December 2005
Radio Heritage Foundation Online Anniversary

25 November 2005
Art of Radio Japan Exhibition - Dec 1 2005 to Feb 28 2006
Holiday Season Radio Heritage Gifts Save Time and Money!
Wall Mural Find Tells AFRS India Story
VR6AC Pitcairn Island Ham Shack
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - Radio to the Rescue - On the Rocks
AFRS Japan
New Radio Heritage Partner - Adventist World Radio
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio - Radio to the Rescue - Lost in China!
KFSG Los Angeles Part 6

03 November 2005
Rare Images of VU2ZP Bangalore, Mysore
Radio Kabul Returns to the Air
4WK Warwick

18 October 2005
Radio Ephemera
Daughter of KZRM Manila Pioneer Seeks Help
KFSG Los Angeles Part 5
3CV Central Victoria
KFSG Los Angeles Part 4
2HR Hunter River
Top 15 Antique and Vintage Radio Book List
Top 50 Radio Book List
AFRS China - Burma - India
Collecting Classic Radios
Radio Heritage Store © - Art Deco Australian Vintage Wireless Medallions
PAL updated
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio
KFSG Los Angeles Part 3

15 September 2005
Papua New Guinea 30th Birthday
KFSG Los Angeles Part 2
Book of the Month - September
KFSG Los Angeles Part 1
Khyber Radio Journey
Column: Reminiscing with a Radio
Early Australian AM Radio
@ a Glance Guides
WVTR gives birth to Godzilla
WVTR Tokyo Xmas 1945
PRIVATE Newhouse of WVTR
WVTR's Sea Monster
7LA Launceston - The Original and Feature Station
5DN First South Australian Station
3MA The Sunraysia Station
The Emporium Radio Heritage Store ©
Book of the Month - August

29 July 2005
Refreshing the Site
Don't Touch That Dial - Hits 'n' Memories of Australian Radio
Happy 75th Birthday 3BA Ballarat
Pacific-Asian Log (PAL)
A Unique Image from Ulric

25 July 2005
Sharing Memories

16 March 2005
Volunteers boost projects
Volunteers needed
Today's broadcasters can help too
So many ways you can participate
Search for Pacific's Oldest 'Top 10' Music List
Car Stickers Keep Sticking Around
3ZB Transmitter Building
Even More MORE FM in New Zealand
More Pacific Radio Heritage Documentaries
Hits and Memberships
New Guide Series Launches

09 February 2005
New Zealand's 3ZC Christchurch.
Happy 80th Birthday Radio 2UE Sydney
Australian Volunteers Save Radio Heritage
Breakfast DJ Plays Big Role in Saving Radio Heritage

20 December 2004
WXLH Kiribati
RSS feed
Big River & More
Local Groups Hold Key
RNZI Features Heritage
Electronics Oz


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