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Enjoy regular viewpoints from around the Pacific - and beyond. Opinions from our columnists cover a wide spectrum of radio and broadcasting issues, events, personalities, memories, future trends, technology and more.

Adrian Peterson

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Adrian Peterson

Adrian is a noted radio historian and broadcaster for many years with Indianapolis based Adventist World Radio, a global shortwave, AM, FM and satellite radio network. Originally from South Australia, Adrian has worked in radio across Asia and the Pacific and is well known worldwide for his long running Wavescan radio series. He has published an extensive number of radio heritage articles using his large database of historical information, and personally maintains the AWR heritage collection, one of the world's largest privately held memorabilia collections.

Adrian's Column - Reminiscing with a Radio

01 Mar 2006

Shows & Boats. Australia Gets Radio

During the era of World War 2, many restrictions were placed upon us as citizens of Australia.

08 Jan 2006

Visiting Radio Stations World War 2 Era

The war was over, troops were returning home, families were re-uniting, difficult restrictions were progressively lifted, and technological development for peaceful purposes was resumed.

04 Dec 2005

Part 3 Radio to the Rescue On the Rocks

In the era before World War 2, our planet was just awakening to the fact that the new medium of shortwave radio possessed the capability of instantaneously communicating with the ends of the earth.

12 Nov 2005

Part 2 Radio to the Rescue Lost in China!

These days we are quite familiar with the multitudinous forms of electronic communication that are available for the purpose of passing on information in emergency situations.

22 Sep 2005

Hurricane Katrina on Shortwave

Hurricane Katrina has been described as the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.

20 Aug 2005

Part 1 Radio to the Rescue in Coastal Flooding

Back around the middle of last century, it seemed that there was almost constant seasonal flooding along the northern coastal areas of New South Wales in Australia.

Aaron Skudder

Aaron Skudder is founder and owner of Radio Chomsky FM, Auckland, New Zealand.

Inspired by the subsequent media coverage of the 9/11 events, he established Radio Chomsky in February 2002. He named his new FM station after reading 'Manufacturing Consent' and 'Necessary Illusions' by Noam Chomsky, a prominent political dissident.

After two years being a 'voice in the desert', Radio Chomsky began receiving serious mainstream magazine and TV coverage. It now broadcasts in Auckland on 107.1 FM, with affilate stations in Hamilton [The Station 88.6 FM] and Wellington [The Matrix 107.5 FM].

You can listen on-line worldwide at

Aaron's Column is the first in Pacific Perspectives.

05 Feb 2006

Media Consolidation in New Zealand

Is George Orwell's vision of the future in his book 1984 slowly becoming a reality in New Zealand?


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